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Hangzhou Travel News

The Former Residence of Hu Xueyan

The Beauty of Chinese Classical CourtyardAmong the Chinese architecture, the Jiangnan's gardens are a classic, the essence of which can be spotted when you step into one of the wealthy and influential families’ mansions.The Former Residence of Hu Xueyan is known as "No. 1 Mansion in Jiangnan", b...

11 May 2020

72-hour Visa-free for Transit Travellers in Hangzhou

Now there are 10 Chinese cities that offer a 72 hour stay without visa for transit passengersIf you transit through Hangzhou, now you can enjoy a 72-hour visa-free stay to visit a splendid city. Besides Hangzhou, the 72 hour visa free entry is already available for Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chen...

11 May 2020

Hangzhou Xixi wetland museum helps expand China's environmental knowledge

Xixi wetland museum helps expand China's environmental knowledgeFor most people, wetland areas are not just havens of tranquillity, but also serve as platforms to learn about biodiversity and local ecosystems. In this case, a museum devoted to the care, study and display of wetland elements woul...

09 May 2020

Hangzhou Labor Day Travel Tips: Make An Appointment in Advance

Labor Day Travel Tips: Make An Appointment in Advance!As the Labor Day holiday comes and the weather is fine, more and more people tend to travel around. In order to prevent the epidemic risk brought by dense crowds, Hangzhou scenic spots above 4A level will continue to fully implement the online re...

09 May 2020

If Coming to Hangzhou, I Will Take You to Tour West Lake

Although the epidemic hasn't been completely over yet, spring in Hangzhou has already arrived. So let us wear masks and walk around the lake together.The beauty of the West Lake varies from season to season. In spring, it is more peaceful and purer, just like a newborn. The lake surface shimmers...

14 April 2020

Good Choices for April Tours nearby Hangzhou Zhejiang

There is no shortage of flowers in the spring of Jiangnan Region. After seeing cherry blossoms, rape flowers and peach blossoms, many people have recently been amazed by a sea of shibazakura!The dreamlike pink flowers, covering the ground tightly, turn the ground into "a color palette overturned by ...

13 April 2020

"Legend of the Song Dynasty" Begins its Performance

Spring arrives: Flowers are blooming; everything comes back to life; and all the goodness of nature comes on schedule. From April 3, "Legend of the Song Dynasty" starts its performance. After the epidemic, let's restart 2020 and go on a trip at any time we want! To watch the must-see performance...

13 April 2020

Traditional villages where time stands still

Zhejiang Province government has announced that four old Hangzhou villages would be provided up to 7 million yuan (US$990,000) in financial support this year to preserve their distinctive architecture and local ways of life.The villages have resisted the tides of change that swept across many other ...

13 April 2020

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