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Mouth-Watering Hangzhou Dishes Praised by CCTV!

Post Date: 2020/08/14 22:46
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For some people, the impression of a city is given by taste. The first step to adapt to a city is for the taste bud gradually being domesticated, for example, falling in love with hot pot tripe in Chongqing, trying soybean juice in Beijing, learning to cook soup for health in Guangdong…

Recently, a CCTV documentary, an equivalence to the popular food program “A Bite of China (??????)” — “The Taste of Hometown” evokes many taste memories unique to Hangzhou, from seafood restaurant to market noodle stall, with different styles and persistence yet the familiar taste of Hangzhou people ......

Nong Tang Li ???
On July 23, 2011, on Hedong Road, Hangzhou, a restaurant called "Nong Tang Li" was opened. It is characterized by old-fashioned stone walls, courtyard gate, old-fashioned wooden panes as partitions in the restaurant, old-fashioned stone tea barrels, hanging lanterns...

On the right side of the entrance, there is a row of old-fashioned stoves, over which, cinnamon stewed chicken feet, marrowbones stewed with radish, rice-flavored hoofs, Nong Tang Li’s Duck... a row of large iron pot dishes are steaming hot and fragrant.

Xin Bai Lu ???
In 1998, a “Bailu Noodle House” was opened in the alley of Jesus Hall between Hangzhou Department Store and Intime Department Stall. Although it is called a noodle restaurant, it sells stir-fried dishes in addition to noodles. This is the beginning of the “Xin Bai Lu” that is now spreading across the country.

In July last year, Xin Bai Lu was also selected as one of the “Top 50 Chinese Dinners in 2019”! Nowadays, few people go to the restaurant for its noodles, but there is an endless stream of diners who come for its egg yolk chicken wings.

Ye Ma ??
Many diners know that Ye Ma’s old site is on Zhijiang Road. In fact, Ye Ma’s earliest “old site” is in Chishanbu, Santaishan Road. The restaurant is not big. Although it is called “Ye Ma Tea House”, it is not actually a tea house, but a private restaurant.

The large-scale food and humanities documentary “Taste of Jiangnan” regards this place as a representative restaurant of Zhejiang cuisine and many celebrities love this restaurant: Mr. Jin Yong’s son is fascinated by its food; Feng Xiaogang, a famous Chinese director has always come to the restaurant whenever he was in Hangzhou over the recent years, and his favorite is the salted steamed chicken and steamed sharp belly.

Datang Seafood ????
The old site of Datang Seafood was in Jinjiang Food Stalls (?????). The owner, Tang Yansheng, has won numerous awards in national and Zhejiang cooking competitions, and award-winning dishes like “Nanhai Scenery” have been included in the list of "Zhejiang Famous Dishes".

When Zhu Dan, a famous Chinese TV hostess, first came here, she fell in love with the seafood taste in the restaurant; in 2017, Yue Yunpeng (a famous Chinese crosstalk comedian)’s tour performance celebration party was also at the Jinjiang branch of Datang Seafood. It is said that that night, he ate from 11 pm to 5 am.

Rong Xian Noodle Restaurant ????
Hangzhou people’s obsession with noodles is rooted in their genes. Hangzhou people’s noodles are called “Chuan (?)”. There are noodle restaurants in almost every street, and those famous old-fashioned noodle restaurants are mostly small restaurants hidden deep in the streets and lanes. Rong Xian Noodle Restaurant is such a small shop that is loved by diners.

If every city has its own taste, then the taste of Hangzhou is hidden in Hangzhou restaurants on the streets, waiting for you to explore…

SOURCE: visit hangzhou

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