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The Evolutionary Journey of Your Way Holiday

1) Introduction to the Parent Company: 1989-2010

Our journey begins with the establishment of our parent company in 1989, China Merchants International Travel, Hangzhou Co.(China Travel Agency Licence No. L-ZJ-CJ00037). For over two decades, from 1989 to 2010, our focus was primarily on offline inbound group tours, specializing in accommodating large tour groups. During this period, we achieved significant milestones and built a remarkable track record of excellence in the travel industry.

Over these years, we proudly provided our clients with memorable travel experiences, catering to their diverse needs. Our expertise in handling extensive group travel showcased our commitment to delivering outstanding service and creating unforgettable moments for our guests. Our impressive performance and dedication to group travel set the stage for our future endeavors.

Your Way Holiday Hangzhou Office Team Building.jpeg.jpg

2) The Transition to Online Services in 2011

In 2011, recognizing the evolving dynamics of the travel market, we embarked on a transformative journey. We launched our online platform, named "Hangzhou Private Tour," dedicated to providing services for smaller, more intimate group tours. This shift allowed us to adapt to changing customer preferences and offer a more personalized and flexible approach to travel experiences.

With "Hangzhou Private Tour," we began to cater to a different segment of travelers, emphasizing a deeper level of engagement, closer connections with local culture, and the unique charm of smaller group tours. This shift marked a significant turning point in our commitment to delivering tailor-made, memorable journeys.

Hangzhou Private Tour Years ago.jpg

3) The Evolution into "Your Way Holiday"

As our online platform continued to grow and evolve, we recognized the need to reflect our expanded service offerings. In response to our deepening commitment to personalized, localized, and highly immersive travel experiences, we rebranded from "Hangzhou Private Tour" to "Your Way Holiday."

This name change embodies our dedication to empowering travelers to explore the world in their own unique way. We place a strong emphasis on ensuring that our customers enjoy a truly local and authentic experience during their journeys. "Your Way Holiday" encapsulates our promise to provide travel adventures that are as individual and distinctive as our clients themselves.

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Expanding Service Portfolio & Destinations

At "Your Way Holiday," our commitment to personalized and immersive travel experiences extends across an even broader range of destinations in China. We have curated a collection of dedicated websites, each specializing in unique regions to cater to the diverse interests of our travelers. Here's a glimpse of our expanding service scope, including the main destinations, and the additional cities and regions we proudly cover:

1) Hangzhou - www.chinahangzhoutour.com

Explore the enchanting city of Hangzhou, and nearby regions in Anhui, such as Huangshan, Jiangxi, and Fujian. Immerse yourself in the local traditions and natural beauty of Hangzhou and its neighboring regions with our customized tours.

2) Shanghai - www.tripstoshanghai.com

Experience the dynamic metropolis of Shanghai. Discover the vibrant neighborhoods, iconic landmarks, and vibrant lifestyle of Shanghai, as well as other cities in the region on our tailored tours.

3) Suzhou - www.suzhouprivatetour.com

Delve into the exquisite gardens, classical architecture, and timeless charm of Suzhou and its neighboring cities in Jiangsu, Nanjing, Wuxi, Yangzhou, and more. Enjoy the serenity and elegance of Suzhou's heritage, as well as that of other cities in the region, meticulously explored through our private tours.

4) Xian - www.xianprivatetour.com

Uncover the historical treasures of Xi'an and extend your journey to regions like Xinjiang, the Silk Road, Gansu, and more. Embark on an epic journey through the rich heritage of Xi'an, and explore other remarkable regions with experiences tailored to your preferences.

5) Beijing - www.chinabeijingprivatetour.com

Walk in the footsteps of emperors and explore the iconic attractions of Beijing, and also discover cities like Harbin, the Northeast, Tianjin, and more. Immerse yourself in China's imperial history and vibrant capital city, and explore other diverse regions through our personalized tours.

6) Chengdu - www.chengduprivatetour.com

Discover the enchanting landscapes and adorable giant pandas of Chengdu, and also explore regions like Tibet, Guilin, Yunnan, Guizhou, and more. Experience the unique charm of Sichuan's capital city and venture into other captivating regions with our customized itineraries.

Our services extend to these exciting destinations and regions, allowing you to create unique and unforgettable travel experiences, whether you have a specific city or region in mind or would like to explore more. "Your Way Holiday" is your trusted partner in crafting remarkable adventures across China's diverse landscapes and cultural tapestry.


When you choose "Your Way Holiday" for your travel needs in Hangzhou, you're not just selecting a tour operator; you're choosing a personalized, immersive, and unforgettable travel experience. Here's why you should make us your travel partner in Hangzhou:

Our Clients at Your Way Holiday.jpg

1. Local Expertise:

We know Hangzhou like the back of our hand. Our team consists of passionate locals who are deeply connected to the city's culture, history, and traditions. We'll take you off the beaten path to explore the hidden gems that only a local can unveil.

2. Tailor-Made Journeys:

Your travel dreams are unique, and we understand that. We specialize in crafting customized itineraries that cater to your interests, preferences, and pace. Every journey with us is a reflection of your individuality.

3. Intimate Group Sizes:

To ensure a more personalized and immersive experience, we maintain small group sizes. This allows for deeper connections with fellow travelers, greater access to local experiences, and more meaningful interactions.

4. Expert Guides:

Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides are more than just tour leaders; they are your local storytellers and cultural ambassadors. They bring the history and culture of Hangzhou to life, making your journey informative and engaging.

5. Cultural Immersion:

We believe in experiencing a destination, not just seeing it. That's why we prioritize authentic cultural encounters. From traditional tea ceremonies to local culinary experiences, we'll ensure you dive into the heart of Hangzhou's culture.

6. Price Advantage:

We understand the importance of value for your travel investment. With "Your Way Holiday," you can experience the best of Hangzhou without breaking the bank. Our competitive pricing ensures that you get exceptional quality at a reasonable cost.

7. Responsiveness and Flexibility:

We're dedicated to making your journey stress-free. Our team is readily available to address any questions or concerns, and we're always willing to adjust the itinerary to suit your needs.

8. Commitment to Sustainability:

We're committed to sustainable and responsible tourism practices. When you travel with us, you can be assured that your journey is designed with respect for the environment and local communities.

9. Memorable Moments:

Our ultimate goal is to create moments that you'll treasure forever. We're not just about tours; we're about crafting travel memories that will stay with you long after your adventure in Hangzhou is over.

Choose "Your Way Holiday" in Hangzhou and embark on a travel experience that's as unique as you are. We're here to turn your travel dreams into a remarkable reality, all while offering you a competitive price advantage.

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