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Most Asked Questions about Hangzhou by Travelers

Hangzhou is worth visiting?

No more cities in China boast a living environment like Hangzhou. In China's Livable Cities Index, Hangzhou usually ranks in the top three. West Lake has influenced poets and painters throughout Chinese history for its natural beauty and historic relics, and it has also been among the most important sources of inspiration for Chinese garden designers.

What is Hangzhou known for?

Hangzhou is famous for its West lake, tea,silk and chinese culture... West Lake has been a lifetime destination on the chinese traveler's list for many centries.There is an old saying in China" Hangzhou is the land of fish and rice, the home of Silk and Tea". Hangzhou is the birthplace of Dragon Well (Longjing) tea, the most famous green tea in China and ranked as first among China's top 10 teas. Hangzhou silk is soft, luxurious, and decorative. It makes a great souvenir to take home when you travel to Hangzhou.

What's the best time to visit Hangzhou?

The best time visiting Hangzhou is spring and Autumn.You can enjoy the verdant weeping willows and lush green hills that surround the lake adds a wondrous beauty to the famous scene. Stroll along the shore and you will smell the sweet scent of peach blossoms. April is prime harvesting time so after you’ve studied the process, take part picking leaves in the nearby tea fields. Autumn, a season brandishing gold, orange and reddish hues, is for much of the world one of the most beautiful seasons to follow. This is certainly the case for Hangzhou. Boasting spectacular scenery throughout the year, the vibrant city offers its visitors a place in which to fall in love with autumn.

What's the best way to travel from Shanghai to Hangzhou?

The best way is taking bullet train, which is fast,convenitent and economic. There are over 130 daily high speed trains linking the two cities.With a total distance of 144 kilometers,taking 1 hour for Shanghai Hangzhou travel. It takes less than driving.Most of them are using Shanghai Hongqiao Station and Hangzhou East Station. It's also easy to book train tickets on line by yourself, the recommended webiste is www.ctrip.com

How many days should i spend for my Hangzhou tour?

If you are tight on schedule, one day is enought to visit the three main highlights in Hangzhou: Westlake, Lingyin temle, Dragon Well Tea Plantation & Village and some ancient gardens, pagodas around the Westlake. As for Hangzhou,you'd better arrange at least tow days. You can visit almost all the scenic spots in hangzhou in 2-3 days.If you want to savor, that month is not enough. Hangzhou is regarded as heavenly city in China for relaxation and leisure,and hangzhou has long history, many myths and floktale, gardens and natural landscape are needed to slow down your travel speed and appreciate it.

What kind of meals you will arrange in the hangzhou tour?

The answer is:Food is a VERY important part of a tour. We arrange A La Carte Chinese Food - Escape Junk Tourist Food. Hangzhou has its own unique cuisine – Zhejiang cuisine is one of the eight culinary traditions of China,Hangzhou food is lovely: succulent Longjing prawns, fragrant, full-bodied Longjing roast chicken, lusciously fatty Dongpo pork, West Lake fish in vinegar, floral osmanthus rice cake – and more. Hangzhou Private Tour is honored to be the first agency offering a la carte meals for its valued clients during their trip to Hangzhou. It offers you a great deal of freedom: select the menu items as you wish! Our guides are the local experts, so you can always ask him/her about what to eat and where to eat, they can give you some advice. Our arrangement for meals in the tour will doubtlessly give you a great opportunity to experience authentic Hangzhou and Chinese Cuisine. In particular it will ensure satisfaction if you happen to be a vegetarian.

Is the Hangzhou Tea Planantion & Village is a tourist trap?

Tea Culture is an indispensable part if you want to experience the local culture of hangzhou.With sprawling tea plantations, countless refined tea houses and the biggest tea museum on earth, Hangzhou is the place to pick a handful of dewy tea leaves, enjoy a cup of authentic Dragon Well Tea and demystify the intriguing tea ceremony.Your stay in Hangzhou won’t be complete without a visit to the tea plantations. This is the cradle of Dragon Well Tea, and it is known for producing the best green tea in China. Hangzhou Private Tour 100 percent guarantees we will not take you to spend more time and money at any pre-arranged mandatory shopping stops or factory stores for overpriced goods. If you are a tea fan and want to bring some tea back as gifts, our guides and experts will give you the recommendations on where to buy the best quality tea and other souvenirs from hangzhou . And you don’t need to worry at all, because you only purchase items of your own will.

Would I be able to customize the Hangzhou tour and the sights we visit?

China Hangzhou Tour is a leading travel agency in Hangzhou provides customized Hangzhou Tour Service. We are happy to create the best tour for your needs and preferences. Either you are a private person, a group, a company or a school, give us your inputs and we do the rest. The tour is 100% flexible for you, just tell us where you want in Hangzhou, and our 1-on-1 travel consultant will offer you a most suitable tailor-made itinerary at the best price within 24 hours. We will create a Hangzhou trip 100% fits your specific needs.

Do you recommend driver/guide (driver and guide are the same person) tour or driver and guide tour (driver and guide are separate)?

We would highly recommend driver and guide tour (based on 2 people),There were some serious traffic accident caused by a driver guide because the driver guide was giving the explanation to tourists and driving at the same time from another travel agency in Hangzhou in the past. Besides that, 1, the traffic in china is not very satisfying, the quality of the tour experience will not be as good as the one guide and one driver option. 2, not easy to find a parking lot at at the senic area in hangzhou. Driver/guide tour, have to find a parking lot first then start the tour. Driver and guide tour, the driver drop you off at the entrance of the senic spot starting the tour with guide. Driver and guide tour options saves you a lot of time if you only have one day in hangzhou or tight on schedule. Time is money!!!

Which water town is the best near Hangzhou?

Wuzhen is the best Water town you should visit during your stay in Hangzhou since it's a historic water town which lies in the center of a triangle formed by Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai.It is 80 km from Hangzhou, with its thousands of years of history and culture; its honest and beautiful scenery of rivers and lakes; its unique flavor of the cuisines, colorful folk festivals, deep heritage and timeless lifestyle, Wuzhen has become a living fossil of ancient oriental civilization. The water town will show tourists a fascinating historical picture which is an innate beauty. You can leave Hangzhou for Wuzhen in the morning and back to Hangzhou in the afternoon. If you want to experience the quietness at Wuzhen in the morning, you should stay one night closeby the canal in the water town.  

It's easy to travel from Hangzhou to Shanghai and Suzhou?

Auctually, travel from Hangzhou to Shanghai and Suzhou quite easy. As the three cities are close to each other, the best way to get around is by train. You can take high speed train, normal train and intercity bus to travel. However, we highly recommend you to take high speed train to travel. The running time of high speed train between Shanghai and Suzhou is only 0.5h, between Shanghai and Hangzhou is 1h, while between Suzhou and Hangzhou is 1.5h.

If i travel to Hangzhou by train, which train station should i arrive? Which train station should i go in Shanghai? When should i arrive the train station and back? How should i meet your tour guide a


Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is the main high speed railway station in Shanghai. It runs high speed trains to Beijing, Wuhan, Nanjing, Hanghzou, Suzhou Kunming, etc. Close to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, it can be reached easily by Maglev Train, metro Line 2, metro Line 10, taxi and public bus.

Shanghai Railway Station located in the city center, Shanghai Railway Station can be reached by subway (metro Line 1, Line 3 and Line 4) conveniently. It operates some high speed trains as well as the majority of regular trains to/from 70 domestic large and middle-sized cities. 

You can choose the train station based on your hotel location. 


We suggest Hangzhou Dong Station (Hangzhou East Railway Station) if you travel from Shanghai to Hangzhou by train. Most high-speed trains reach hangzhou east railway station. 

For example: 

Shanghai to Hangzhou

Option1: G1509 Shanghai Hongqiao Station to Hangzhou East Station: Departs at 08:42AM and arrives at 09:32AM.

Option 2: G7317 Shanghai  Station to Hangzhou East Station: Depart at 08:05AM and arrive at 09:46AM.

Please choose one of the above options according to your hotel location.

Hangzhou to Shanghai

G7312 Depart at 18:12 from Hangzhou East Station and arrive at Shanghai Hongqiao Station at 19:09. 

You can book other trains arrives Hangzhou around 10:00, and back to Shanghai around 6:00pm are all fine. 

Please kindly note, book the round way train tickets IN ADVANCE in case sould out. 1),You can book the tickets online (www.trip.com). 2) You can book from your hotel in Shanghai. 3) We can help you book the tickets and delivery it to your hotel.  

Our guide will pick up from the exit of train station with a welcome sign"Hangzhou Private Tour" when you arrive.

Do you provide Hangzhou group tour?

We provide group tour in some other cities but few group tour (Not daily) in Hangzhou since less tourists in Hangzhou and people like do a private tour in Hangzhou. Book a Hangzhou Priavte Tour can let you enjoy the benefits of having your own private vehicle and your own local Hangzhou English speaking guide.

The tour are more flexible for you, a private tour is run exclusively for you, your own families or friends with no other strangers.You will get an unforgettable and memorable tour experience.

We will also be staying at a hotel in Shanghai. Can your company help to arrange round-trip train transportation from Shanghai for the day that we do our tour?

Round-trip train transportation in Shanghai can be arranged as well for your Shanghai Hangzhou tour. Our Shanghai local driver will meet you at your hotel on time then transfer to Shanghai train station, you will be picked up from train station by our driver once you back in Shanghai.We provides a secure, reliable, fast and serene airport,train, port, transfer and taxi tour service in Shanghai with experienced drivers.

How's the driver and Vehicle if i book your Hangzhou tour?

Our Hangzhou car Service is dedicated to provide professional car rental services in Hangzhou with Chinese speaking and English speaking drivers. All our drivers poses rich driving experience and most of them are over 10 years experience in driving. They are most careful, courteous and well trained. All our vehicles are kept in good condition, which insures our customers very safe, smooth trips in Hangzhou.We have different types of Cars  Mini vans  limousine to cater different cusotmers, from economic vehicles to luxury ones, Santana Passat  Buick  Benz  B.M..W. , Luxuty Sports car etc. Seats available from 5 to 40.

How's the tour guide if i book your Hangzhou tour?

We provide knowledgeable and reputable private guides for your Hangzhou trip or business. All of our tour guide are professional licensed tour guides, they are university graduates. What's more, our Hangzhou tour guides have received very good professional training in hospitality industry. All of them love their work and are ready to render their good services to you. A professional local guide can direct you to the best hotels and restaurants, show you the most fascinating attractions and smooth the way through local customs and travel arrangements.

Is it preferable to take taxi or bus to move from one location to another in Hangzhou?

The question of how to get around here in Hangzhou naturally depends on a few factors. From where to where do you want to go, do you have luggage, how many people are there, for how long are you here? Hangzhou as capital city of Zhejiang Province has well development transpot system, such as Metro, city buses, taxi,Didi Taxi...As in most places in the world, public transportation is one of the cheapest ways to get around.

If you have experience using public transport in China, you will know that rush hour can be horrible. Compared to other places, Hangzhou might appear like a paradise to you in this respect: If possible, avoid rush hour! Especially metro or buses

If you don’t want to discourage anybody from taking them but for us as and for most other people, you can take city taxi and this is much more expensive than buses or metro to get around.

If i book the hangzhou tour, there will be no shopping right? We don't want to do any shopping stops.

We have Shopping tour and No shopping tour in Hangzhou. No shopping tour is for the travelers who are not willing to take a tour with a tourist souvenir shop. We guarantee that there is no shopping stop during the tour. Therefore, the cost of a no-shopping tour is higher than a normal tour.With our"No shopping" promise, you would enjoy more time to visit without going to any shops and factories. You will have a letter of guarantee with your confirmation when you booked a no-shopping tour.

Is there any train back to Shanghai after the Impression west lake show? And what's the best time to leave for Shanghai after the show?

Yes, there are still some trains back to Shanghai from Hangzhou after the west lake show. Hangzhou Day Trip from Shanghai with Impression West Lake Show by train getting more and more popular since the train is very convient between Shanghai & Hangzhou. Some recommended train as below for your reference:

Hangzhou to Shanghai

G1640 Depart at 21:50 from Hangzhou East Station and arrive at Shanghai Hongqiao Station at 22:44

G1658 Depart at 21:55 from Hangzhou East Station and arrive at Shanghai Hongqiao Station at 22:48

G1376 Depart at 22:12 from Hangzhou East Station and arrive at Shanghai Hongqiao Station at 22:59

How do you handle payments? Do you require a deposit? Do you take credit cards?

For the confirmation, we require 20% of total amount in advance as deposit and pay the rest balance before the tour ends. For the payment,we accept Paypal,Bank transfer,Alipay and Wechat, the credit card is not available at the moment.

How many water towns are there around Hangzhou?

There are around 3 ancient water towns around Hangzhou, such as Wuzhen Water Town-known as one of the six famous ancient water towns, Tangqi Water Town-The nearest water town to Hangzhou without tickets, Nanxun Water Town-the Most Authentic and Tranquil Town.

Which is the nearest water town to Hangzhou?

The nearest water town is Tangqi water town, which is the only one free of antrance ticket. Only 28 kilometers away from Hangzhou downtown. There are many buses from Hangzhou to Tangqi water town.

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