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Most Asked Questions about Westlake Water Show

Is the Impression West Lake show available daily all year round?

The show may be unavailable due to various reasons such as inclement weather, issues with the show facility, or political factors. Typically, the show does not run from mid-December to the beginning of March due to the cold weather in Hangzhou. During this period, it becomes too cold for the actors and actresses to perform on the lake.

Does the Impression West Lake show include narration or explanation during the performance?

The Impression West Lake show is renowned for its stunning visuals and captivating performances. Although there is no narration or explanation provided during the show, the performance itself effectively conveys a narrative through its artistic presentation.

When is the time for the show? How long is the Impression Show lasting?

Typically, the show starts at 7:45 pm during the summer months and at 7:30 pm during the winter months. Occasionally, there may be two shows scheduled in a single day. The duration of each show is approximately 50 minutes.

Can I catch the impression westlake show if I need take train back to Shanghai at night?

Yes, you still have time to watch the impression show before heading back to Shanghai. There are many trains departing from Hangzhou to Shanghai at night after 9:30 pm. The show typically ends around 8:30 pm, and it takes approximately 30 minutes to travel from the show venue to Hangzhou East Train Station. The latest train departs from Hangzhou East Station at 10:39 pm. So, you should be able to catch the show and make it to the train station in time for your departure to Shanghai.

Additionally, it's worth noting that after the show, it can be challenging to find a taxi due to the large crowds. Therefore, we highly recommend arranging transportation in advance, such as a private car service, to ensure a smooth journey back to the train station.

We have booked show tickets with you, do your company provide round way transfer from our hotel in Hangzhou downtown?

Yes, we provide Hangzhou hotel & Show Avenue Round way transfer as well. If we confirmed the service, we will send you the driver’s contact and our driver will meet you at your hotel lobby with your name board. You will be transferred to the place for the show. After the show, our driver will pick you up again from the designated point and take you back to your hotel. We will arrange the vehicle according to your group size. Additionally, we also offer shuttle services to and from the train station for Impression West Lake. If you require transportation to the show from the train station or vice versa, simply let us know your arrival or departure details, and we will arrange for a convenient pickup and drop-off service. Our goal is to ensure that you have a seamless and enjoyable experience from beginning to end.

Where can I eat around the Impression show place?

Near the show venue, there are plenty of dining options available, catering to various preferences. You can find Chinese table food, snacks, and even popular Western fast-food chains like KFC and Starbucks in the vicinity. Additionally, if you're looking for a more upscale dining experience, you can dine at Jinsha Restaurant or Zhiweiguan, both of which offer excellent cuisine. These restaurants are conveniently located close to the show venue, making them ideal choices for a meal before or after the show.

Is it necessary to book tickets in advance for Impression West Lake?

It's recommended to book tickets in advance for Impression West Lake, especially during peak tourist seasons, to ensure availability and secure preferred seating.

Can visitors take photographs or videos during the Impression West Lake performance?

Generally, photography and videography are not allowed during the Impression West Lake performance to avoid disturbing the performers and other audience members.

What transportation options are available after the Impression West Lake show, especially considering potential congestion?

After the show, transportation options may include taxis, buses, or rideshare services. It's advisable to be prepared for potential congestion and plan accordingly to avoid any delays in getting back to your accommodation or next destination.

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