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Comparing Different Railway Stations in Hangzhou

There are three passenger railway stations in Hangzhou, naming Hangzhou Railway Station, Hangzhou East Railway Station and Hangzhou South Railway Station (the former Xiaoshan Railway Station) respectively.

Hangzhou Railway Station, also known as Chengzhan Railway Station to local people, used to be the city's largest station. It is an original station to many trains.

Hangzhou South Railway Station has been closed for reconstruction and it will be re-opened by the end of 2016. Located in No.1, Tiancheng Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou East Railway Station started business operation in July 1st, 2013.

Hangzhou Railway Station Overview

Hangzhou Railway Station
Hangzhou Railway Station

Chinese Name: ????
Website: http://www.hzhcz.com.cn/
Address: 893 Jiangcheng Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou.
Chinese Address: ?????????893?
Number of platforms: 7 

Hangzhou Railway Station, which is also called “City Station” by local people, is the most important railway station in Hangzhou. Most of the trains departing from and terminating their route in Hangzhou will stop here. It is located at the intersection of East City Ring Road and West Lake Avenue. From Hangzhou Railway Station, it only takes 10 minutes to go from West Lake Avenue to West Lake by bus.

Hangzhou Railway Station is divided into three floors: the bottom floor, the middle floor and the elevated floor. The bottom floor is a parking lot where taxis and private cars can park. The middle floor is the Hall and Station Plaza where pedestrians and buses can meet. The elevated floor is used to send passengers off.

The Station Plaza consists of two floors below ground level: Lower Ground One and Lower Ground Two. The underground area measures 16,500 square meters in which there are two underground garages for civil defense projects. The two garages which are affiliated with Shanghai Railway Bureau (the station’s supervising office) occupy an area of about 6,200 square meters. It is a first-class station that consists of a North Ticket Hall and a South Ticket Hall, five regular waiting rooms, one waiting room for passengers with soft-seat tickets, and seven platforms.

Buying Train Tickets

Tickets can be purchased 10 days (including the purchasing day) in advance in railway stations. Besides, tickets are also available at ticket offices around the city. At present, there are about 75 ticket offices in Hangzhou. When buying tickets at ticket offices, you have to pay an extra 5 Yuan for each ticket. There are many ticket office on the second floor as well. For foreigner, passport required when buying the train ticket. 

Railway Station Phone Numbers

? Hangzhou Railway Station Hotline: 0571-9500117788
Hangzhou Railway Station Automated Information Phone: 0571-9500117799
Hangzhou Railway Station Phone Number: 0571-87829983
Hangzhou Railway Station Inquiries: 0571-87829418, 0571-87929424

Transportation to Hangzhou Railway Station 

Bus Routes: B2, Y2, 3, 7, 11, 21, 39, 49, 88, 95, 116, 156, 188, 210, 222, 225 (Inner Ring), 226 (Outer Ring), 276, 290, 300, 508, 525, 528, 537 (through), 555, 862, 900, Airport Shuttle Bus.

Hangzhou Bus Station Service Hotline: 0571-85191122
Hangzhou Bus Station Complaint Phone Number: 0571-85191122

Taxi waiting area: You'll see the taxi sign at the Exit Ticket Gate. Follow the sign and you'll find the taxi waiting line. 

1. Taxi fare is approximately CNY80-90 to Hangzhou Airport, taking around half an hour.
2. Taxi fare is approx. CNY60 to Hangzhou South Railway Station.
3. Taxi fare is approx.CNY12 to West Lake, taking 10 minutes.

Hangzhou Taxi Complaints Phone Number: 0571-85155205

Hangzhou East Railway Station Overview

Hangzhou East Railway Station
Hangzhou East Railway Station

Chinese Name: ????(Pingyin: Hangzhou Dong Zhan)
Address:1 Tiancheng Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou.
Chinese Address:?????????1?
Number of platforms: 28

Hangzhou East Railway Station, or Hangzhoudong Railway Station is located on Tiancheng Road on Jianggan District. It was closed on 20 January 2010 for improvement and opened to use on July 1st, 2013. It covers a total area of 0.34 square kilometers. It’s a comprehensive railway station that combines various transportations such as high-speed rails, ordinary trains, expresses, maglev trains and water transport, all of which make it one of the biggest transportation hubs in the world. The station consists of five floors, with three floors underground and two aboveground. It has taken over the passenger transportation of the South Railway Station since Jul. 2013. Being the intersection of HuKun (Shanghai - Kunming) Line and Shanghang (Shangqiu - Hangzhou) Line, the station operates high speed and bullet trains mainly as well as a few other types. Currently passengers from the station can reach to Beijing, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shanghai, and Qingdao.

Hangzhou East Railway Station adopts the model of departures on the bottom floor and arrivals on the upper floor. Passenger can transfer among train, metro, city bus and taxi easily inside the train station. Having come out from the train station, passengers can find the wharf where they can board water buses to pay visit to the charming scenery along the Grand Canal.

Hangzhou East Railway Station has a daily traffic volume of 50,000 to 60,000 nowadays. It's expected to increase the traffic volume to 100,000 to 120,000 each day by the end of 2020.

The Station building has 5 floors, including metro platform floor on basement 3, metro station floor on basement 2, arrival floor on basement 1, platform floor on ground 1, elevated waiting floor on ground 2.

As you can see from their names, on the platform floor on ground 1 you can see many railway tracks, it is the place where trains stop on; to board the train, passengers should firstly go upstairs to wait the train on the elevated waiting floor; having getting off from the train, passengers should go downstairs from the platform floor to the arrival floor on basement 1 to transfer to bus, taxi and etc to leave the station.

On the elevated waiting floor, there are three ticket offices located in the southwest corner, the northeast corner and the northwest corner respectively. Meanwhile, there are totally six entrance gates inside it including two in south-north direction and four in east-west direction. After having gone through security inspection procedure, passengers can enter the train station through any of these entrance gates. A total number of 28 check-in gates are located in the south part and the north part of the elevated waiting floor with LED television showing the train number to check in overhead. From the waiting floor, passengers can use either staircase or escalator to go downstairs to the platform floor to board the train.

Buying Train Tickets

Tickets can be purchased 10 days (including the purchasing day) in advance in railway stations. Besides, tickets are also available at ticket offices around the city. At present, there are about 75 ticket offices in Hangzhou. When buying tickets at ticket offices, you have to pay an extra 5 Yuan for each ticket. Several ticket offices are being in operation in the station. Two of them are located in B1, one in the southwest and another in the northeast direction. Besides, there are three places where one can buy tickets on the second floor, respectively in the northeast, northwest and southwest direction. There are 79 self service ticket machines and 28 ticket windows in the station.

How to get to Hangzhou Railway Station from Hangzhou East Train Station

By taxi: It takes about 20 minutes and costs 30 yuan.

By metro: Line 1 provides a direct link from Hangzhou East to the main Hangzhou station. It takes about 25 minutes and costs 3 yuan.

By bus: Take bus 105 to Jianguo North Railway Station and then transfer to bus 90. The cost is between 2 and 4 yuan. It is about a 45-minute ride from Hangzhou East.

Main ticket offices in Hangzhou

Ticket Office


Opening Hours

Wulinmen Ticket Office (??????)

No.425 Wulin Road (???425?)


Huansha Road Ticket Office (??????)

No.147 Huansha Road (???147?)


Wensan Road Ticket Office (??????)

No.90 Wensan West Road (????183?)


Qiutao Road Ticket Office (??????)

No.568 Qiutao Road (???568?)


Moganshan Road Ticket Office (???????)

No.340 Moganshan Road (????340?)


Jiubao Ticket Office (?????)

No.902 Hanghai Road (???902?)


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