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14 Days Best China Silk Road Tour

From $1300 per person
14 Days Best China Silk Road Tour
  • 14 Days Best China Silk Road Tour
  • 14 Days Best China Silk Road Tour
  • 14 Days Best China Silk Road Tour
  • 14 Days Best China Silk Road Tour
  • 14 Days Best China Silk Road Tour
  • 14 Days Best China Silk Road Tour
  • 14 Days Best China Silk Road Tour
  • 14 Days Best China Silk Road Tour
  • 14 Days Best China Silk Road Tour
  • 14 Days Best China Silk Road Tour
  • 14 Days Best China Silk Road Tour
  • 14 Days Best China Silk Road Tour
  • 14 Days Best China Silk Road Tour
  • 14 Days Best China Silk Road Tour

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Silk Road, a route of incomparable attraction to travelers who are interested in the human cultural relics, which used to be quite prosperous in the Tang Dynasty and now become pretty silent regarding international business.This 14 Days Best China Silk Road Tour from Xian to Urumqi will take you to the mysterious and attractive historical Silk Route in old China, it covers most of the famous spots in Silk Road.

Duration: 14 Days 13 Nights

Xian, Lanzhou, Dunhuang, Turpan, Urumqi, Kashgar

Pick-up point:
Xian International Airport (based on your requirement)

Finishing point:
Xian International Airport (based on your requirement)

Tour Customizable:
Absolutely! (Tell us your specific requirements in the inquiry)

Payment Types:
Cash, Wire, Paypal, WesternUnion, Alipay, Wechat

Available: Daily


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Tour Itinerary
Day 1 Arrive in Xian
Day 2 Xian: Terracotta Warriors, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xian Dumpling Banquet, Tang Dynasty Dance Show
Day 3 Xian-Lanzhou: Shaanxi History Museum, Xian Ancient City Wall, Muslim Quarter, Take train to lanzhou
Day 4 Lanzhou-Xiahe-Lanzhou: Lanzhou to Xiahe by private vehicle, Bingling temple, Liujiaxia Reservoir
Day 5 Lanzhou-Dunhuang: Labrang Monastery, Fly to Dunhuang
Day 6 Dunhuang: Lake Crescent, Ride Camel, Echoing-Sand Dune, Yumenguan Pass
Day 7 Dunhuang-Turpan: Mogao Grottos, Take overnight train to Turpan
Day 8 Turpan: Gaochang Ancient City, Toyuk village, Bezeklik Cave, Flaming Mountain
Day 9 Turpan-Urumqi: Turpan to Urumqi by train, Emin Minaret, Karez Well
Day 10 Urumqi: Xinjiang Regional Museum, Hongguang Shan Giant Buddha, Erdaoqiao Grand Bazaar
Day 11 Urumqi-Kashgar: Urumqi to Kashgar by flight, Livestock Market, Sunnday Market, Grand Id Kah mosque, Old Town walking tours, Local Uighur family Dinner
Day 12 Kashgar: Karakul lake
Day 13 Kashar-Urumqi: Kashar to Urumqi by train, Heavenly Lake(Tianchi)
Day 14 Urumqi Departure

Day 1 Arrive in Xian

  • Place&Transport: Xian
  • Today's Activities: Pick you up at the exit of Xian international airport
  • Accommodation: Four Stars or Five Stars Hotel(Can be customized) in Xian
  • Meal: no

Upon your arrival in Xian, our local Xian tour guide will warmly welcome you at the exit of Xian Xianyang International Airport. Look for the distinctive "Your Way Holiday" welcome sign, where your guide will be waiting to greet you. They will assist you with your luggage and escort you directly to your hotel. Once at the hotel, your guide will help you with the check-in process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free arrival experience.

After settling in at your hotel, the remainder of the day is yours to relax and recuperate from any jetlag. Take the opportunity to explore the surroundings at your leisure or simply unwind and prepare for the adventures ahead.

xian your way holiday

Day 2. Xian

  • Place&Transport: Xian
  • Today's Activities: Terracotta Warriors, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xian Dumpling Banquet, Tang Dynasty Dance Show
  • Accommodation: Four Stars or Five Stars Hotel(Can be customized) in Xian
  • Meal: B,L,D

Embark on a journey to one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the 20th century, the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses Museum. Often referred to as the "Eighth Wonder of the World," this site offers a rare glimpse into China's ancient military might. Upon arrival, our dedicated driver will greet you, handling your luggage with the utmost care and ensuring a comfortable transition from the urban hustle to the tranquility of this historic site. Inside, you’ll explore three main pits, each revealing the army's intricate formations. The first pit showcases rows upon rows of life-sized soldiers, each with distinct facial expressions and attire, standing as eternal guardians of Emperor Qin Shi Huang's mausoleum. Pit 2 offers insights into the military formations with its display of cavalry and infantry units, while Pit 3, known as the command post, features high-ranking officers and war chariots. Throughout your tour, your expert guide will share fascinating details about the warriors’ creation, discovery, and the ongoing preservation efforts, enhancing your appreciation of this monumental endeavor.


Enjoy a delightful lunch at a local Xi'an restaurant, where traditional flavors meet rich cultural heritage. Indulge in Shaanxi province's culinary delights such as Liangpi—cold noodles seasoned with vinegar, chili, and garlic, topped with bean sprouts and tofu. Savor Roujiamo, the Chinese hamburger consisting of juicy, braised pork tucked into a freshly baked bread bun. This meal isn't just about tasting food; it’s about experiencing the region's history and lifestyle. As you dine, our guide will share stories behind each dish, connecting you to the local customs and culinary traditions that make Xi'an a food lover's paradise.


After lunch, you will visit Big Wild Goose Pagoda, also named Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. It is a Buddhist pagoda located in southern Xi'and became the symbol of the old-line Xi'an. It was built in 652 during the Tang dynasty and originally had five stories. The structure was rebuilt in 704 during the reign of Empress Wu Zetian, and its exterior brick facade was renovated during the Ming dynasty. The Big Wild Goose Pagoda attracts numerous visitors for its fame in the Buddhist religion and its simple but appealing style of construction. It is rated as a National Key Cultural Relic Preserve. One of the pagoda's many functions was to hold sutras and figurines of the Buddha that were brought to China from India by the Buddhist translator and traveler Xuanzang.


Today,you will have a Xi'an Dumpling Dinner, which is famous in Xi'an. Our guide will lead you to Shaanxi Grand Opera House and help you find your seat for the most famous Xi'an Dumpling Dinner within the Opera House.In Xian, a must for visitors to try is the delicious dumplings. While tasting those dumplings, customers will be astonished by the cooks' smart cooking methods include steaming, boiling, pan-frying, deep frying, and roasting. It seems that all of the indigenous meat and vegetables can be used for the dumplings' stuffing, such as pork, mutton, beef as well as celery, radish, cabbages, etc. Nowadays, by the cooks' continuously improving, the dumpling has been one of the local best foods to entertain visitors from home and abroad..


After dinner, your guide ensures you experience the vibrant and captivating Tang Dynasty Dance Show, a mesmerizing performance that brings to life the music and dance of over a thousand years ago. As you immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the Tang Dynasty, your guide enhances your understanding with insightful commentary, illuminating the historical significance and artistic nuances of the performance. With their guidance, you're able to fully appreciate the intricacies of the ancient music and dance, making the experience even more memorable.


Following the mesmerizing show, your guide accompanies you back to your hotel, providing not only transportation but also valuable insights and assistance along the way. Whether it's arranging logistics, offering recommendations for further exploration, or simply engaging in enriching conversation, your guide ensures your journey concludes with comfort and satisfaction. With their attentive service, you can unwind and reflect on the day's cultural immersion, knowing that your return to the hotel is accompanied by the expertise and care of your knowledgeable companion.

Day 3 Xian-Lanzhou

  • Place&Transport: Xian-Lanzhou
  • Today's Activities: Shaanxi History Museum, Xian Ancient City Wall, Muslim Quarter, Take train to lanzhou
  • Accommodation: Four Stars or Five Stars Hotel(Can be customized) in Lanzhou
  • Meal: B,L,D

After breakfast, your guide accompanies you as you embark on a journey to explore the Shaanxi History Museum, a treasure trove of historical relics excavated within the Shaanxi Province. With your guide's expertise, you delve into the museum's extensive collection, which is thoughtfully curated and organized into distinct blocks, each representing a different dynasty. As you marvel at the unearthed artifacts spanning centuries of history, your guide provides insightful commentary, offering context and significance to each piece. Their knowledge enhances your understanding of Shaanxi's rich cultural heritage, allowing you to fully appreciate the depth and complexity of the exhibits. Together, you embark on a captivating exploration of China's storied past, enriched by the guidance and expertise of your knowledgeable companion.


Discover the grandeur of the Xi'an Ancient City Wall, a symbol of architectural prowess and historical fortitude. Built in the 14th century during the reign of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang of the Ming dynasty, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is celebrated for its historical significance and remarkable preservation. As one of the oldest and largest existing city walls in China, it offers a unique glimpse into the ancient defensive structures that once protected the city. During your visit, stroll along the massive walls that stretch approximately 14 kilometers, offering panoramic views of the city below. Our guide will share insights into the wall's construction, its strategic importance, and how it has stood the test of time. This tour is not only a walk through history but also an opportunity to appreciate ancient Chinese military architecture at its finest.


After exploring the Xi'an Ancient City Wall, we'll prepare for your onward journey to Lanzhou. Post-lunch, our driver will ensure a smooth transfer to the Xi'an train station, where you'll catch your train to Lanzhou. Upon arrival, you'll be greeted by our Lanzhou guide, who will be easily identifiable with a "Your Way Holiday" sign at the station's exit. They will assist you with your luggage and drive you to your hotel for check-in. The remainder of the day is at your leisure to relax or explore Lanzhou at your own pace. Our guide can suggest activities or places to visit depending on your interests, making sure you feel well-prepared to enjoy your stay in Lanzhou.

This revised itinerary enhances the day's adventures with a seamless transition to your next destination, combining historical exploration with convenient travel arrangements. Each step of your journey is designed to be informative and comfortable, guided by professionals who ensure a memorable experience.

Day 4 Lanzhou-Xiahe-Lanzhou

  • Place&Transport: Lanzhou
  • Today's Activities: Lanzhou to Xiahe by private vehicle, Bingling temple, Liujiaxia Reservoir
  • Accommodation: Four Stars or Five Stars Hotel(Can be customized) in Lanzhou
  • Meal: B,L,D

Start your morning with a scenic drive to Xiahe, stopping first in the quaint town of Liujiaxia. This picturesque route takes you through diverse landscapes that frame the rural beauty of China. In Liujiaxia, prepare for a cultural expedition to the Bingling Grottos, an awe-inspiring complex of Buddhist sculptures and frescoes carved into a canyon along the Yellow River. Here, you will encounter ancient art that has withstood the test of time, offering a unique glimpse into religious and historical narratives that have shaped the region. Our guide will provide insightful commentary on the artistic techniques and spiritual symbolism captured in the stone, enhancing your understanding of this sacred site.


Enjoy a simple yet satisfying lunch along the road, prepared to keep you energized for the adventure ahead. Following lunch, join our guide for a tranquil boat ride from Liujiaxia town to Bingling Temple. This hour-long journey across the Liujiaxia Reservoir is not only a passage through water but also a voyage back in time. As you glide over the serene waters, enjoy panoramic views of the encompassing hills and the sprawling canyon. Our guide will prepare you for the exploration ahead, discussing the significance of the upcoming sculptures and frescoes.

Explore the Bingling Temple's grottos, where the echoes of history blend with artistic mastery during a two-hour guided tour. Renowned for their stunning array of Buddhist sculptures, these grottos house intricate carvings and vibrant frescoes that trace back to the 4th century AD. Each piece narrates a chapter of Buddhism's expansion along the Silk Road, coupled with the artistic legacy of bygone dynasties. As you delve deeper into the temple's caverns, our knowledgeable guide will shed light on the historical significance and the artistic intricacies of these creations. This visit not only offers a visual feast of ancient artistry but also an immersive experience into the spiritual and cultural impacts these monks bestowed upon future generations. The Bingling Temple serves as a profound testament to the spiritual heritage and artistic prowess of its creators.


Conclude the day's journey with your arrival in Xiahe, a region renowned for its spiritual significance and natural beauty. After checking into your hotel, take some time to rest and refresh before experiencing local cuisine at a nearby restaurant. Dinner in Xiahe offers more than just a meal; it is an introduction to the culinary traditions of the region, known for its robust flavors and hearty dishes. Our guide will be on hand to recommend the best local specialties, ensuring your dining experience is both authentic and memorable. This day ends with you settled comfortably in your hotel, ready to rest up for another day of exploration, with our guide ensuring every detail is managed seamlessly for your comfort and enjoyment.

This enhanced itinerary is designed to provide a seamless and enriching travel experience, offering a deep dive into the cultural and historical treasures of the journey to Xiahe with the thoughtful guidance of our expert local guides.

Day 5 Lanzhou-Dunhuang

  • Place&Transport: Lanzhou
  • Today's Activities: Labrang Monastery, Fly to Dunhuang
  • Accommodation: Four Stars or Five Stars Hotel(Can be customized) in Dunhuang
  • Meal: B,L,D

Begin your day with a scenic drive to the Labrang Monastery, the largest and most illustrious Buddhist monastery in the Amdo region. Established in 1709, Labrang Monastery has been a beacon of Tibetan Buddhist culture, once housing over 4,000 monks. Today, it maintains a vibrant community of approximately 1,500 monks and several hundred lay students. Situated in the Gansu portion of Amdo, Labrang stands as a cultural epicenter of Amdo Tibetan culture, alongside the nearby town of Rebkong. Recognized as one of the “Great Six” monasteries of the Gelukpa sect in Tibetan Buddhism, Labrang offers a deep dive into the spiritual practices and cultural traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. During your tour, our guide will enrich your experience with insights into the monastery’s architecture, daily rituals, and its pivotal role in Tibetan culture and education. This visit promises a profound understanding of a vibrant religious community that has thrived through centuries.


After exploring the spiritual depths of Labrang Monastery, we'll ensure a comfortable transfer to Lanzhou airport for your flight to Dunhuang. Upon landing, you will be warmly greeted by our guide holding a "Your Way Holiday" sign at the airport exit. They will assist with your luggage and manage the short drive to your hotel in Dunhuang. As you settle into your accommodation, our guide will be available to discuss your itinerary for the upcoming days, including visits to notable attractions such as the Mogao Caves. This transition is designed to be smooth and stress-free, allowing you to relax and prepare for the next leg of your cultural journey in Dunhuang.

This enhanced itinerary offers a seamless blend of historical exploration and practical travel arrangements, each step enriched with professional guidance to ensure a memorable and educational experience in the rich cultural landscapes of Amdo and Dunhuang.

Day 6 Dunhuang

  • Place&Transport: Dunhuang
  • Today's Activities: Lake Crescent, Ride Camel, Echoing-Sand Dune, Yumenguan Pass
  • Accommodation: Four Stars or Five Stars Hotel(Can be customized) in Dunhuang
  • Meal: B,L,D

Embark on an unforgettable Ride Camel across the mystical Echoing-Sand Dune to the stunning Lake Crescent. As you traverse these singing sands, named for the sound they emit when the wind passes over them, you'll feel a connection to the ancient caravans that once traveled this route. The dune rises dramatically from the flat landscape of the Gobi Desert, offering an exhilarating ascent to the top. From there, slide down the dune to witness the breathtaking panorama of Lake Crescent— an oasis of brilliant blue water known for its clarity and tranquility. This pristine lake, a natural wonder in the desert, owes its vivid color and transparency to the low nitrogen content that prevents algae growth. Remember to bring sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sand as you enjoy this exhilarating Ride Camel. Our guide will ensure your comfort and safety, providing insights into the natural phenomena and historical significance of the sites you visit.



After your morning adventure, relax and refuel with a lunch at a local restaurant. Enjoy a selection of regional dishes that offer a taste of Dunhuang's unique culinary culture. Our guide will help you navigate the menu, explaining the ingredients and preparation methods of each dish, ensuring you have not only a meal but an enriching cultural experience. This is a perfect time to ask questions and learn more about the local lifestyle and culinary traditions.

Continue your journey into history with a visit to Yumenguan Pass, one of the great strategic passes of the ancient Silk Road. Yumenguan Pass, or 'Jade Gate Pass,' was once a critical gateway for the exchange of goods, ideas, and cultures between the East and the West. Standing amidst these ruins, you can almost hear the echoes of camel bells and the bustling activity of traders who passed through centuries ago. The pass's stark beauty against the desert backdrop makes for striking views and compelling photographs. Our guide will delve into the history of the Silk Road, explaining the significance of Yumenguan Pass in the defense and trade dynamics of the region. The stories of ancient travelers and the visual starkness of the landscape will transport you back in time, making this visit a highlight of your Dunhuang experience.


As the day concludes, enjoy a comfortable drive back to your hotel. This time provides an excellent opportunity to reflect on the day's adventures or discuss upcoming plans with our guide. Whether you're interested in learning more about the region, needing restaurant recommendations, or arranging your itinerary for the next day, our guide is ready to assist with all your needs, ensuring a seamless and enriching travel experience in Dunhuang.

Day 7 Dunhuang-Turpan

  • Place&Transport: Dunhuang
  • Today's Activities: Mogao Grottos, Take overnight train to Turpan
  • Accommodation: Four Stars or Five Stars Hotel(Can be customized) in Turpan
  • Meal: B,L,D

After breakfast, prepare for an enlightening journey to the Mogao Grottos, also known as the Thousand Buddha Grottoes. Located 25 km southeast of the heart of Dunhuang, an oasis on the Silk Road, these caves are a testament to the region's rich religious and cultural tapestry. The Mogao Grottoes comprise 492 temples and offer a stunning display of Buddhist art that spans over a millennium. As one of the most famous Buddhist archaeological sites in China, alongside the Longmen and Yungang Grottoes, Mogao stands as a crucial cultural landmark. Your guide will delve into the history of the caves, discussing the artistic and spiritual significance of the frescoes and sculptures that adorn these ancient walls. You’ll witness some of the finest examples of Buddhist art, capturing both the evolution of religious expression and the craftsmanship that defined a thousand years of history. The narratives depicted in these caves provide a profound insight into the spiritual life of past dynasties and the pilgrims who ventured along the Silk Road.


Following your exploration of the Mogao Grottos, enjoy some free time to wander the site, capture photographs, and reflect on the morning’s discoveries. This interlude offers a moment to appreciate the tranquility and spiritual ambiance of the caves before continuing your journey.

In the late afternoon, we will facilitate your transfer to the Dunhuang train station for the overnight train to Turpan. Our local guide will assist with the logistics, ensuring you are comfortably settled for the journey ahead. Once you arrive in Turpan, another of our friendly guides will meet you at the train station. Holding a sign with "Your Way Holiday," they will warmly welcome you and escort you directly to your hotel. This seamless transition is designed to offer you peace of mind and ease as you travel between destinations.

This carefully crafted itinerary is designed to immerse you in the profound historical and spiritual significance of the Mogao Grottos and to ensure a smooth continuation of your journey to Turpan. With expert guidance at every step, your visit will be both educational and deeply memorable, enriching your understanding of China's rich Buddhist heritage and the pivotal role of the Silk Road in cultural exchange.

Day 8 Turpan

  • Place&Transport: Turpan
  • Today's Activities: Gaochang Ancient City, Toyuk village, Bezeklik Cave, Flaming Mountain
  • Accommodation: Four Stars or Five Stars Hotel(Can be customized) in Turpan
  • Meal: B,L,D

Embark on a journey back in time with a visit to the ancient city of Idikut (Gaochang), founded in the 1st century BC. This once-thriving oasis city became the capital of the Idikut Uighur Kingdom in the 8th century, playing a pivotal role in the region’s history. As you walk through the ruins, you'll explore remnants of temple pillars, royal palaces, and residential areas, each telling a story of a bygone era of prosperity and cultural exchange. The city's strategic location on the Silk Road contributed to its significance as a cultural and commercial hub. Our knowledgeable guide will enrich your visit by revealing insights into the architectural styles, historical events, and daily life of its ancient inhabitants. This exploration not only offers a glimpse into the past but also helps you appreciate the complexities of historical preservation in the desert environment.


Continue your day with a visit to Toyuk Village, nestled in a lush valley renowned for its vineyards and apricot orchards. This picturesque village is home to a warm and welcoming Uighur community. Experience the unique opportunity to visit several local families to understand their traditions and way of life. The highlight of your visit will be enjoying lunch with a local family, offering a personal and intimate insight into Uighur culinary culture. This meal provides not only a taste of authentic home-cooked dishes but also fosters a genuine connection with the local community. Our guide will facilitate interactions, helping you engage with the family and learn more about their customs and lifestyle, making this experience a true cultural exchange.


After lunch, your cultural immersion continues with a visit to the Bizeklik Thousand Buddha Caves. Once an important center for Buddhist worship, these caves feature an array of murals and sculptures that illuminate the religious art and spiritual devotion of the area under the Xizhou Huigu government of the Idikut (Gaochang) Kingdom. The caves are set against a backdrop of stark cliffs that enhance their mystical allure. As you navigate through the grottoes, our guide will discuss the significance of the frescoes, which depict a blend of Buddhist and local influences, showcasing the cultural diversity of the region. This visit not only highlights the religious history of Turpan but also showcases the artistic heritage that has survived through the ages.


Conclude your day with a visit to the Flaming Mountain, the legendary site known as the hottest spot along the Silk Road. The mountain’s red sandstone creates a striking visual effect as if the hillsides are ablaze under the sun. Local legends and the famous Chinese epic, Journey to the West, add to the mystique of this location. Our guide will share these tales and explain the geological features that contribute to the extreme temperatures. This visit offers not only a dramatic landscape perfect for photography but also a chance to understand the challenges faced by ancient travelers and the natural forces that shape this arid region.


As your exploration concludes, our guide and driver will ensure a comfortable return to your hotel, leaving you with profound insights and memorable experiences from the day's adventures. This carefully curated itinerary is designed to provide an in-depth look at Turpan's historical sites and vibrant cultural tapestry, all brought to life by our professional guide's expertise.

Day 9 Turpan-Urumqi

  • Place&Transport: Turpan
  • Today's Activities: Turpan to Urumqi by train, Emin Minaret, Karez Well
  • Accommodation: Four Stars or Five Stars Hotel(Can be customized) in Urumqi
  • Meal: B,L,D

Begin your day with a scenic drive from your hotel, traveling approximately 200 km to Urumqi, the vibrant heart of Xinjiang. Upon arrival, delve into the ingenious Karez Well system, a historic underground irrigation system that is crucial for agriculture in the arid Turpan Depression. Discover how over 1,100 karez wells and channels, stretching over 5,000 kilometers, harness natural water flows from mountain snowmelt to sustain farming in this desert landscape. Our guide will explain the engineering marvels and the significant role these wells play in local agriculture, providing you with a deep understanding of the region's adaptation to its environment. This visit offers not only a technical perspective but also insights into the sustainable practices that have supported local communities for centuries.


Experience authentic Uygur hospitality with a visit to a local family, where you will have the unique opportunity to learn about and participate in the preparation of traditional Xinjiang cuisine. Enjoy a delicious lunch with the family, tasting dishes that are staples in Uygur culture. After lunch, take a leisurely stroll through the family’s vineyard, where grapes hang ripe on the vines, ready for harvest. This intimate experience not only allows you to savor homemade dishes but also provides a genuine insight into the daily life and culinary traditions of the Uygur people. Our guide will facilitate engaging conversations with the family, enriching your understanding of local customs and lifestyles.

Continue your cultural journey with a visit to the Emin Minaret (Sugong Pagoda), the tallest ancient pagoda in Xinjiang and the only Islamic pagoda in the country. Admire the architectural beauty and historical significance of the minaret, built in 1777 by the local ruler Emin Khoja to honor his father. The minaret's intricate brickwork and Islamic motifs provide a unique glimpse into the religious and cultural fusion characteristic of the region.


Cap off the afternoon with a sunset visit to the Jiaohe Ancient City. Explore this spectacular ruins site, located on a plateau above two rivers, which forms a natural fortress. As you wander through the ancient streets and structures, our guide will recount the history of this once-thriving city, which was an important stop on the Silk Road. The serene ambiance at sunset coupled with the soft golden hues illuminating the earthen buildings creates a profoundly mystical experience. Enjoy a leisurely 40-minute walk in the valley, allowing the peaceful surroundings to transport you back in time.

After a fulfilling day of exploration, enjoy a relaxed dinner before our guide and driver take you back to your hotel in Urumqi. The evening is yours to explore the vibrant nightlife of Urumqi at your leisure. Whether you choose to rest or explore further, our guide can offer recommendations for evening activities or additional sights in the city, ensuring you make the most of your time in this dynamic region.

This detailed itinerary is designed to offer a comprehensive and engaging exploration of Urumqi’s rich cultural heritage and breathtaking historical sites, enhanced by the knowledge and expertise of our professional local guides. Each aspect of the tour is crafted to ensure a memorable and enriching experience that deepens your appreciation for this unique part of China.

Day 10 Urumqi

  • Place&Transport: Urumqi
  • Today's Activities: Xinjiang Regional Museum, Hongguang Shan Giant Buddha, Erdaoqiao Grand Bazaar
  • Accommodation: Four Stars or Five Stars Hotel(Can be customized) in Urumqi
  • Meal: B,L,D

Start your day with a guided tour of the Xinjiang Regional Museum, led by our knowledgeable guide who will meet you at your hotel lobby. This museum houses a rich collection of artifacts that narrate the story of Xinjiang's history, culture, and people. A highlight of the museum is the display of well-preserved tattooed mummies, including the famous "Beauty of Loulan." Discovered in the Taklamakan Desert, these mummies provide an extraordinary glimpse into the past, showcasing the remarkable preservation of their features due to the arid desert conditions. As you explore the museum, our guide will provide historical context and fascinating insights into each exhibit, enhancing your understanding of the region's heritage and the significance of these archaeological discoveries.


After enjoying a local lunch, your journey continues to the awe-inspiring Hongguang Shan Giant Buddha. Towering over downtown Urumqi at approximately 38.8 meters (128 feet) tall, this statue is not only a feat of artistic craftsmanship but also a serene guardian of the city. Capture a few photographs of the imposing Buddha, set against the backdrop of Urumqi's skyline. Our guide will share stories of the Buddha's significance and the artistic endeavors involved in its construction.


Next, visit Red Hill, where a traditional Chinese-style pagoda stands majestically atop the hill, symbolizing Urumqi. The pagoda offers panoramic views of the city and serves as a cultural landmark, blending natural beauty with historical architecture. As you ascend the hill, our guide will recount the legends associated with Red Hill, making your climb not only a physical but also a historical exploration.


Conclude your day with an enchanting visit to Erdaoqiao Grand Bazaar, once a bustling hub on the Silk Road. Recapture the magic of this ancient trading route as you stroll through the market, surrounded by the vibrant sounds, colors, and scents of Uighur culture. This market is an ideal place to shop for traditional Uighur souvenirs, from intricate carpets to handcrafted jewelry. Our guide will assist you in navigating the stalls, helping you to communicate with local vendors and learn about the craftsmanship behind each item, ensuring you find perfect mementos of your trip.

After a day filled with cultural discovery, enjoy a relaxing dinner before being escorted back to your hotel. Our guide will be available to answer any questions and provide further insights into the places you visited, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience that deepens your appreciation for Urumqi's unique cultural landscape. This carefully curated itinerary promises a memorable exploration of Urumqi's historical treasures and vibrant market life, enriched by expert guidance and thoughtful storytelling.

Day 11 Urumqi-Kashgar

  • Place&Transport: Urumqi
  • Today's Activities: Urumqi to Kashgar by flight, Livestock Market, Sunnday Market, Grand Id Kah mosque, Old Town walking tours, Local Uighur family Dinner
  • Accommodation: Four Stars or Five Stars Hotel(Can be customized) in Kashgar
  • Meal: B,L,D

Start your day early with a convenient hotel pickup by our guide, who will escort you to Urumqi airport for your flight to Kashgar. Upon arrival in Kashgar, an oasis city with over 2000 years of history and a crucial trading post on the ancient Silk Road, you'll dive straight into the vibrant atmosphere of the famous Sunday Livestock Market. This market is a cultural spectacle where locals from various directions bring their livestock, including horses, sheep, goats, camels, and more, to sell. It's a rare opportunity to capture the authentic interactions and traditional market culture, offering insights into the daily lives of the people of Kashgar. You can even partake in unique experiences like test-driving a donkey or observing local farriers at work. Our guide will provide rich narratives about the market's history and its significance in Silk Road trade, enhancing your understanding and engagement.

After absorbing the lively scenes at the livestock market, proceed to the Sunday Market Main Bazaar, known as one of the largest markets in Central Asia. This bustling bazaar is a treasure trove of local crafts and traditional goods, from fluffy sheepskin hats to rugged camel-hide boots. As you wander through the myriad of stalls, you'll have the chance to practice your bargaining skills and purchase unique souvenirs. The market is not just a place for trade but a vibrant display of Kashgar's cultural richness. Our guide will help you navigate the stalls, interact with local vendors, and share tips on getting the best deals, making your experience both enjoyable and authentic.


After absorbing the lively scenes at the livestock market, proceed to the Sunday Market Main Bazaar, known as one of the largest markets in Central Asia. This bustling bazaar is a treasure trove of local crafts and traditional goods, from fluffy sheepskin hats to rugged camel-hide boots. As you wander through the myriad of stalls, you'll have the chance to practice your bargaining skills and purchase unique souvenirs. The market is not just a place for trade but a vibrant display of Kashgar's cultural richness. Our guide will help you navigate the stalls, interact with local vendors, and share tips on getting the best deals, making your experience both enjoyable and authentic.


Post-lunch, visit the Grand Id Kah Mosque, the largest mosque in China, marveling at its magnificent architecture and the quiet spiritual ambiance that pervades its courtyards. Following the mosque, explore the historic Apak Hoja Tomb, also known as the Fragrant Concubine Tomb, renowned for its beautiful tiles and intricate woodwork. These visits offer a deep dive into the Islamic architectural heritage and the religious practices that have shaped Kashgar over centuries. Our guide will provide background on the mosque's and tomb's historical and cultural contexts, enriching your appreciation of their architectural and spiritual significance.


Conclude your day with a leisurely walk through the Old Town of Kashgar. Walking is the best way to experience the ancient historical parts, streets, and handicraft workshops. During the walk, take a break in a century-old tea house to enjoy various medicinal teas alongside locals. This immersive experience allows you to soak in the atmosphere and understand the traditional lifestyle deeply.

Wrap up your city day tour with a dinner at a local Uighur family's home. This intimate dining experience provides a wonderful opportunity to gain insight into the real local life, culture, and traditions of the Uighur community. Our guide will facilitate interactions with your hosts, ensuring a comfortable and enriching cultural exchange.

After dinner, our guide will ensure your safe return to your hotel, leaving you enriched with the day’s adventures and cultural encounters.

Day 12 Kashgar

  • Place&Transport: Kashgar
  • Today's Activities: Karakul lake
  • Accommodation: Four Stars or Five Stars Hotel(Can be customized) in Kashgar
  • Meal: B,L,D

Start your day after breakfast with a breathtaking drive along the Sino-Pakistan Karakorum Highway, ascending the Pamir Plateau, often referred to as the "roof of the world." The drive offers stunning vistas of towering peaks and expansive landscapes. Your destination, Karakul Lake, sits 3600 meters above sea level, nestled at the foot of the majestic Muztagh Ata and Gongur mountains. Known as 'Father of Ice Mountains,' Muztagh Ata is celebrated for its awe-inspiring beauty. At the lake, the crystal-clear waters offer reflective views of the snow-capped peaks, providing a perfect scene for photography and peaceful contemplation.


During the visit, take the opportunity to meet with a local Kyrgyz family. This encounter will offer you a glimpse into the traditional lifestyle of the Kyrgyz people, who have adapted to the harsh high-altitude environment. Engage with the family to learn about their daily life, traditions, and how they interact with their environment. This personal interaction adds a rich cultural dimension to your visit, deepening your understanding of the region's cultural diversity.

Enjoy some free time to explore the lake's surroundings, where the serene atmosphere and stunning landscape offer a perfect setting for relaxation or leisurely walks.

Conclude your day with a scenic drive back to Kashgar. After dinner, you'll be taken back to your hotel, giving you the chance to reflect on the day’s adventures or explore the local nightlife at your leisure. This journey not only showcases the natural beauty of the Pamir Plateau and Karakul Lake but also enriches your experience with cultural insights and historical context provided throughout the day by our knowledgeable guide.

Day 13 Kashar-Urumqi

  • Place&Transport: Kashar
  • Today's Activities: Kashar to Urumqi by train, Heavenly Lake(Tianchi)
  • Accommodation: Four Stars or Five Stars Hotel(Can be customized) in Urumqi
  • Meal:

After breakfast, we will escort you to Kashgar airport for your return flight to Urumqi. Upon arrival, another local guide, holding a "Your Way Holiday" sign, will warmly greet you at Urumqi airport and take you on a scenic two-hour drive to Heavenly Lake. Nestled high in the Tianshan Mountains, this stunning alpine lake is a perfect blend of tranquility and majestic natural beauty. The lake, encircled by snow-capped peaks, offers a serene escape with its crystal-clear waters and lush forests.

At Heavenly Lake, you can indulge in a variety of activities. Choose from leisurely hikes on well-maintained wooden pathways through vibrant valleys or more challenging treks up the surrounding mountains. For those who prefer a more relaxed experience, boating on the lake provides a peaceful way to enjoy the picturesque scenery. Capture breathtaking photos of the landscape, or simply soak in the serene environment as you trek around the lake.

Enhance your visit by sharing a meal with a local Kazak family. This intimate experience will give you a unique glimpse into the Kazak people's traditional lifestyle and culture in a short amount of time. Whether you opt for lunch or a brief visit, interacting with the family will offer valuable insights into their daily lives and customs.


When you're ready, the journey back to Urumqi takes about two hours. After enjoying dinner, your guide will ensure you are comfortably returned to your hotel. This day not only offers a visual feast of natural wonders at Heavenly Lake but also provides cultural immersion through personal interactions with local residents. Our guide's expert knowledge and attentive service will make your excursion to Heavenly Lake a highlight of your trip, leaving you with lasting memories of the beauty and culture of this unique region.

Day 14 Urumqi Departure

  • Place&Transport: Urumqi
  • Today's Activities: Urumqi Departure
  • Accommodation: no
  • Meal: B

At the designated time, our professional driver will meet you in your hotel lobby to assist with your luggage and ensure a smooth, timely transfer to the airport for your onward flight or return journey home. As your 14-day Best China Silk Road Tour concludes, we hope you carry with you not just souvenirs, but cherished memories of a truly remarkable adventure. We wish you a pleasant and safe trip and look forward to welcoming you again on another exciting journey. Thank you for choosing us to explore the wonders of the Silk Road!

From $1300 per person
Free Inquiry

How Our Teams Serve you at Your Way Holiday

1-on-1 Travel Consultant
Our travel consultants have been working in local tourism for years, they are professional, experienced and responsible sharing our wealth of knowledge to plan your trip. They will formulate customized tour plan based on your travel interests, time, and budget as well as providing professional suggestions. Beside, they will keep in contact with you during your entire tour in China, continually checking if everything is going well as planned. 

Excellent Local Guides
All of our tour guides are certificated and experienced. They are local experts with detailed knowledge about attractions, history, culture but also prepared to talk frankly about whatever topic interests you. They know the best places to visit, can give you advice on restaurants that serve great local food, the best places to shop, or theaters for the best shows in town. They’ll show you more about the history, culture, customs and authentic local life. 

Private Car and Driver
We ensure that all of the vehicles that we use are air-conditioned, non-smoking, clean and well-maintained.(Not over 4 years). Our drivers are are local, polite, friendly and helpful with over 10-year drive experience. All kinds of vehicle are offered, and yours depends on the size of your group. Usually, we offer sedan cars, SUVs, business vans (MPV) and different types of buses, all with extra space for your luggage.

Meals & Dining
If the meals are included in the itinerary. We will take you to the best local restaurants and help you order dishes according to your preference on spot to guarantee that the food is freash not pre-cooked. Some meals excluded in your itinerary as you like, your private guide will be still delighted to give you some suggestions and take you to the local featured restaurants every week based on the online reviews of customers. We have a large selection of different restaurants which cater to the specifications of our customers, and are available to provide various options, such as vegetarian, Muslim, Chinese, Western, Jewish, and Indian restaurants. 

Price Per Person in US Dollars

Price Includes

1. All transfer and city transportation
2. Air-conditioned car or van
3. Hotels specified in the itinerary, all based
    on two persons sharingone standard room;
4. Meals specified in the itinerary: Western
    breakfast in hotels Chinese lunch and
    dinner in local restaurants
5. Sightseeing: All arrangements mentioned
    in the itinerary will be covered All first
    admission/entrance fees in the itinerary
6. Tour guide: Conducted by a professional
    tour guide

Price Excludes

1. International air-tickets
2. Airport departure tax.
3. International or domestic air tickets which
    are not listed in the itinerary.
4. Insurance coverage of personal loss, illness
    or damages incurred during your trip
5. Tips to the tour guide and driver
6. Meals not specified in the itinerary.
7. Personal expenses: phone bills, laundry,
    optional tours, postage, excess baggage
    charge, entertainment fees out of the
8. Single Room Supplement.

Questions & Answers or Review
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