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Huangshan Nightlife

Post Date: 2017/08/01 17:30
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After touring the highlights in Huangshan during the day, you should walk around the city to explore new things at night. There are a few outlanders settled in the city, so the life style of the local people is featured with bright local traits - peaceful but colorful in character and largely characterized by carefree moods constantly laced with timeless elegance.

The nightlife of Huangshan becomes more and more colorful. Most of the Mt. Huang nightlife and entertainment are concentrated with KTV night clubs, bars, casino, dance hall, chess room. You can got to Foot massage to have a fully relax. Drinking tea is an indispensable part of local people's daily life, it's also a good experience to enjoy local tea or some local snacks with night markets food stalls. You can watch shows in Huizhou Theater and so on.

There are quite a number of places that can be enjoyed as highlighted as below:

Night Cruise on Xinanjiang River

Huangshan Nightlife.jpg

It’s a good experience to enjoy a night cruise in the local-style boats on the Xinanjiang River in Huangshan, You can not only have a sweeping view of the Xin’an River, where scenery along the both banks reflected, a changing painting unfolding before your eyes, but also can inebriate yourself in melodious zither music. Xinanjiang River, is the mother river in Huizhou and the cradle of Huizhou culture. Xinanjiang River made up of Lushui River, Hengjiang River and Jianjiang River is the watercourse leading to Hangzhou of Zhejiang. Xianjiang River so is reputed as the Silk Road on Water. Xin’anjiang River is renowned for its phenomenal scenery around the world. The water is limpid throughout the year, mountains meandering, waterfalls splashing. The cruise line is around 5km, which starts from Century Square Pier to Laoda Bridge, is the origin of the scenic area of mountain and water gallery of Xin’an River, as well as the highlight of Xin’an you will be relaxed and stand on the yacht, feeling the fleshing breeze blowing gently on your face.
Address: Tunxi dock (Visitor Center), south road in Tunxi district
Boat: Various types of boats.
Time: One hour
Transport: By bus 1, 5, 10, 11, 15
Tel: 0559-2329199

Huizhou Grand Theater (?????)


Huizhou Grand Theater is a recommended theatre in Huangshan City. This theatre gathers Huizhou ancient architecture and modern building styles. It’s the largest establishment for conference which can serve exhibition or congress for over 1000 persons at one time. Huizhou Theater is an ideal place for experiencing Huizhou culture where you can enjoy the local style performances, such as Hui Opera, drama, concert and dancing, learn more about the legends and local custom as well. Most of the shows of Huizhou Theater are based on the Huizhou Architecture, locals and custome.

Address:No. 1, North Qianyuan Rd. Tunxi District
Tel: 0559-2513072?

Xiangming Grand Theatre—Charming Huizhou(??)

Xiangming Grand Theatre, completed in two years, covers an area of around 8,000 square meters. The Theater has the capacity of 1,500 regular seats and 22 VIP seats. It equipped with most advanced equipment and technology in the world in its construction, features magnificent staging and special lighting effects using lasers lamp, an artificial rain curtain and a fog system.You can enjoy the most wonderful show in Huangshan, named Charming Huizhou, directed by Duan Jianping who is a famous director in China. The show inspired by the time-honored culture of Huizhou, lasts around 70 minutes, from which you can know the local legends, the magnificent scenery in Huangshan in the changing course of seasons, the history of the Beijing Opera and the local lifestyle in Huangshan. This is the must-see for visitors to enjoy the Jubilee show.

Address:No. 2 Yingbin Road, Tunxi district
Tel: 0559-2581298
Time: 8:00pm
Transport: By bus 12, 20

Huangshan City Singing & Dancing Troupe


The Huangshan City Singing & Dancing Troupe established on the base of the combination of Hui Opera and Hui Art in Huangshan city in 2004. The innovative works of folk dancing Huizhou Bandeng Long and massive dramatic play Huiban Jin Jing gained much higher reputation. And the troupe has traveled to Korea for the performances.
Address: No. 64, North Xin’an Rd. Tunxi District

Tea Houses in Huangshan

YiPinGe Tea House (?????)


A cultural site decorated in simple but elegant style which offers the cultural performances of the tea ceremony. What’s more, visitors can enjoy the Huangmei Opera (the local opera, very popular in Anhui Province and Hui Opera while they are drinking tea.

Address: No. 251, Tunxi Ancient Street
Tel: 0559-2518852
Transport: By bus 5

Huangshan Ziteng Tea House (????)


Huangshn Ziteng Tea house boasts one of the top grade and largest tea house in Anhui province and serves some of the best tea grades, such as West Lake Dragon Well Tea, Huangshan Maofeng Tea, Qimen Black Tea, Pi Luo Chun, Tie Guan Yin, as well as some lady’s favorite tea, like rose flower tea, Hui chrysanthemum tea. Here you can appreciate the tea ceremony while you taste the fragrant tea. How wonderful the feeling it is!

Address: No. 9-12 in Qianyuan South Road of Tunxi District
Time: 9:00-01:00
Tel: 0559-2512043
Transport: By bus 6, 8, 9, 12, 15

Huangshan Tiznzhu Tea House(????)


Tianzhu Teahouse is a reputable teahouse of Huangshan. Tianzhu Teahouse combine a tea house, restaurant, hotel, sauna and karaoke. Tianzhu Teahouse with large landscape is special in style. Vivid garden pattern will enable you comfortable. There are cloister, zigzag bridge, fountain, painted rafters in side. Tianzhu Teahouse is full of strong Huizhou traditional culture: couplet, calligraphy and painting, carved girder. Tianzhu Teahouse so is regarded as the preacher of Huizhou culture. It is a good place for chatting with several friends.

Tel: 0599-231787
Address: No. 3 Nanyuan Road, Tunxi District
Transport: By bus 3, 6, 8, 9, 12, 15

Clubs & Bars in Huangshan

9? Bar offers quality in all ramifications.
Address: 20-22 Kangle Road, Huangshan Shangmao Emporium

Huangshan Pinwei Bar

This bar offers western wine, cocktail, coffee, compote, snacks and beer to delight visitors.
Address: No. 20-22 in Kangle Road of Shangmao Emporium.

Koala Bar (The Bar of Old Street Youth Hostel)

On the second floor of Old Street Youth Hostel, Koala Bar offers instant coffee, wines imported from abroad and the authentic Chinese tea.
This bar is one the second floor of Old Street Youth Hostel. It offers wines imported from abroad. The tea is the authentic Chinese tea. As the Old Street is a living panorama of "Along the River during Qing Ming Festival" and in the bar there is a rank of lounge face the Old Street, it will make you be personally on the scene of ancient times.
Address: 266 Tunxi Old Street, Tunxi District
Tel: 0559-2540388 2540399

Huangshan Harbour Bar & Inn(????????)


The Huangshan Harbour Bar located at the first floor, It closed to Xinanjiang River, is quite in harmony with exiquistie city and sceinic, become the stage of Huangshan at night. Have a cup of drink here, you can keep your soul and heart in Harbour of a short duration since you have been out all day. It’s a good bar where you can lost in admiration of your own music to the top of your bent if you want to play it.
Address: 29 Tunxi Old Street Mid, Tunxi District, Huangshan, Anhui, China
Tel: 0559-2522179

Huangshan Hot Spring


Enjoying Hot Spring after day tour is a good chose for visitors at night. Huangshan Mountain's Hot Springs Scenic Area has been famous for centuries. It was known as "the most famous hot springs under the sun", which considered as one of the four wonders of the Yellow Mountain. The spring is rich in wholesome metasilicic acid, important minerals and other trace elements. It is characterized by good water quality and high outflow. It is even been said the spring is helpful in the treatment of skin ailments, rheumatism, rheumatoid disease, arthritis and neurosis.

The outdoor hot spring pool area is planned to have many themes, including a celebration of the local wine culture, a flower petal hot spring, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) hot spring, open-air swimming pools, water games and a children’s pool. There will be spa facilities featuring slab hot springs, salt baths, sand baths, ice baths and stone therapy, as well as VIP huts and a mountaintop celestial spa. Good place for visitors to relaxed

Address: Huangshan Scenic Area, Huangshan District
Time: 24-hrs

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