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Huangshan Weather

Post Date: 2017/08/01 21:38
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Huangshan is situated in East China’s Anhui Province, near the ocean, frequented by the warm air mass full of vapor from the Pacific, so it has many raining and cloudy days and less sunshine. The sun shines on an average of 151 days a year. Huangshan has a typical subtropical monsoon humid climate. It features four distinct seasons, each of the four seasons on Mt. Huangshan has their respective beauty but even this can vary from day to day thanks to variations in the weather, light and shade as clouds pass overhead and even around you at the higher reaches. Huangshan City has enough heat and plentiful rainfall concentrated from March to July. It often floods in summer and drys in autumn.

The annual average temperature of the whole mountain is 16.4°C, where the weather afford good opportunities to travel to the city and its stunning environs throughout the year. There is no extreme heat in summer or severe cold in winter, shorter spring and autumn (about 2 months individually), longer summer and winter (about 4 mouths individually). In July, the summer's hottest month, the temperature falls around 28.1? . The white, billowy cloud cover alleviates sunrays, ensuring that guests to the mountain are always comfortable. In winter months is around 3.8 ?—cold enough to result in unmatched snow scenery, but mild enough to enjoy outdoor activity in a world draped with icicles. Today, Huangshan Mountain has developed a world-famous reputation as a must-see tourist site.

Huangshan has an oceanic climate(Cfb) according to the koppen climate classfication. Its elevation makes it colder and wetter than the rest of Anhui.

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The mountain's variable weather adds a different dimension each season.there are some useful information in different seasons as below:


Huangshan Weather spring.jpg

It’s a good time to have spring trip, the weather is very comfortable, the average temperature on Mt. Huangshan is around 10 ? (50F) in April. Visitors can enjoy the pleasant birdsong and gurgling streams, with the flower blooming. Light rains fall through the spring and mist or thick fog often happens. Visitors are support to take raincoat rather than umbrella cause the climate is rainy, misty and cloudy with strong wind.


Huangshan Weather_summer.jpg

Summer is the best time to enjoy the Sea of Clouds, one of the famous four wonders of the mountain, but it's also the peak seasom. Averange temperature is less than 20? on the mountain, it's pretty cool within the clouds. Visitors are advised to prepare Sunblock, suitable coat and raincoat.


Huangshan Weather_autumn.jpg

It’s the most comfortable and scenery is stunningly beautiful. It’s the peak season for visitors to enjoy the magnificent scenery. With various peaks and red maple leaves, the mountain looks like traditional Chinese Mountains painting. It’s the clearest season to see the Mountain beauty. It's wise to bring raincoat, the averange temperature is around 12 ?, take suitable coat, sneakers and raincoat( better than umbrella due to windy), Visitors should be against the Chinese National Holiday(1st-7th Oct)


Huangshan Weather_winter.jpg

It’s the longest of the four seasons, is chilly but recommend its landscapes of Mt. Huangshan as the most spectacular. You can enjoy the mountain covers with thick snow. The cloud sea appears more frequent in winter than other seasons. The averange temperature is around 3.8 ?, you should take thick coat, gloves, comfortable shoes and so on.

While weather is not a problem, space can be. On May Day and National Day, legal holiday for the whole nation, swarms of people travel to here, putting severe strains on accommodation and restaruants. Tourists are advised to avoid these holidays.

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