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2020 Hangzhou Lotus Flower Viewing Guide

Post Date: 2020/06/30 17:57
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Recently, lotus flowers in various places of Hangzhou have gradually come into bloom and with the lotus flower-viewing season now upon us, let’s follow the 2020 Hangzhou Lotus Flower Viewing Guide to appreciate the most beautiful summer scene.

Lotus Flowers in West Lake Bloom!
To Hangzhou people, the most-anticipated thing in summer days is a pool of lotus flowers and the most famous and popular lotus flowers are in West Lake. Once summer arrives, the 100-square-kilometer West Lake lotus flowers compete to bloom and the grand view of “Green lotus leaves outspread as far as the boundless sky; pink lotus blossoms take from sunshine a new dye” has long attracted tourists from home and abroad, and citizens here.

When is the Best Lotus Flower Viewing Time?
The full-blossom period of West Lake lotus flowers is from early July to late August and the best time to view them is from 6 am to 8 am.

Where Should We Go to View Lotus Flowers?
The Lotus Area of Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake —— The Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake, one of the Top Ten Views of Qiandao Lake, is backed against the Solitary Hill and faces the Outer West Lake, enjoying a broad view. The lotus area is the largest with an area of about 26 square kilometers.

The Lotus Area of Qinglianfang (青帘坊) —— It’s located in the water area of Yuehu Lake (岳湖), echoing the water stage of the “Enduring Memories of Hangzhou” show. Most lotuses of West Lake large water areas are from here. If you want to view the first group of blooming lotus flowers, here is the spot.

The Lotus Area of the Broken Bridge and the Northern Street —— The most concentrated lotus flowers in West Lake is in the North Inner Lake, which starts at the Broken Bridge along Beishan Street westwards to the New Hotel.

The Lotus Area of Hougushan (后孤山) —— If you want to view the West Lake Red Lotus (西湖红莲), the Hangzhou local species whose name has the longest connection with the West Lake, then you will have to come to Hougushan. The most authentic “West Lake Red Lotus” is right here.

The Lotus Area of Xiaochen Villa (小陈庄) —— If you have seen enough red lotus flowers, then come to Xiaochen Villa beside the Cuiyu Hall (翠雨厅) of the "Viewing Fish at Flower Pond" to try different things. It is the only place where yellow lotus flowers are available. Different from the delicate and charming red lotus flowers, the “Yellow Dancing Imperial Concubine” is extremely refreshing and elegant.

Hetang Horse Ranch 荷塘马场
Hetang Horse Ranch is located in Lingshan Characteristic Town grown with almost 70 square kilometers lotus flowers mainly of three species. When they are in full bloom, you can see egrets resting in the water while walking on the wood plank roads in the lotus pond, which is the most charming summer scenery.

Xianghu Lake 湘湖
Every summer, the lotus flowers in Xianghu Lake, Xiaoshan District is a beautiful scenery line. Just recently, the first group of Xianghu lotus flowers has made their appearance and in the next few months, they will be in full bloom. Don’t you look forward to it?

From the first phase to the third phase of Xianghu Lake, there are over 30 lotus flower areas of different sizes. The lotus flowers in the first phase are delicate; the second phase area has the most number of lotus flower areas; the third phase area boasts of the largest area of lotus flowers.

Xixi Wetland· Hongyuan Garden 西溪洪园
The first lotus flower in Hongyuan Garden of Xixi in Yuhang District has already bloomed. Shortly, Hongyuan Garden of Xixi will welcome the season of lotus leaves dancing in the breeze and lotus flowers sending off intoxicating fragrance. Pink and tender lotus flowers are blooming quietly in a setting of green lotus leaves. Lush green lotus leaves, pink lotus flowers, and quiet water surface make people feel peaceful. Coming to Hongyuan Garden at this time of the year, not only can you enjoy the beautiful view hidden in the depths of lotus ponds, but also can you view the lush green forest along your way here.

Liye Big Lotus Pond, Daci Cliff 大慈岩里叶大荷塘
June and July are the time when lotus flowers in Daci Cliff are in full bloom. The peak season of lotus flower viewing is coming and by then, the entire Daciyan Town will be the world of lotus flowers where there is the seemingly endless stretch of green leaves and lotus flowers, red and pink. Lotus leaves grow luxuriantly and lotus flowers send off intoxicating fragrance.

This June, Daciyan Town, as the side venue of Jiande of the 8th Hangzhou West Lake Lotus Exhibition, will join hands with Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area to hold the exhibition together. Besides, the Lotus Flower Festival and the Lotus Pond Music Festival in Jiande will be held as scheduled. When the time comes, come here to enjoy the lotus flower sea at night and appreciate the beauty of the lotus pond in the moonlight that is not available in cities.

SOURCE: visit hangzhou

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