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From March 20, Xixi Wetland Will Open Online Booking

Post Date: 2020/03/24 16:42
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In the important period of epidemic prevention and control, in order to control the number of tourists in real time, to facilitate tourists to enter the park quickly, and to ensure the safety of tourists to the greatest extent, starting from this Friday (March 20), Xixi National Wetland Park will open online reservation channels.

Xixi National Wetland Park strictly adheres to the standard of tourist reception limitation with the daily reception volume no more than 50% of the maximum daily reception capacity.

Visitors to enter the core area of the scenic area from Zhoujia Village (???), Shentankou (???), Jiaolutianzhuang (????) and West of Lvdi Causeway (???) need to make an appointment in advance. The number of people that can be reserved daily is 24,000. Everyone needs to make an appointment including people holding Hangzhou Park IC Card and those enjoying other free policies!

Fudi Causeway (??), Yulin Road (???) and Xixi Sculpture Garden are free tour areas, so no reservation is required.

How to make an appointment? Two methods with three steps at most!

Reservations can be made seven days in advance, with no more than five people per appointment.

Method One

Make a Reservation through the official WeChat account of Xixi Wetland


Follow the official WeChat account of "Xixi Wetland (????)"


Find "Free Reservation (????)" in the menu bar below and click to enter


Please choose the time and number of people reasonably according to the travel arrangements, and fill in the tourist ID number and contact information correctly.


Method Two

Scan QR code to make a reservation on WeChat or Alipay

Save the QR Code above ? Open Alipay or WeChat to identify the QR ? Then the same reservation interface will be shown.

Is it easy and convenient? When entering the park, please show the staff of the scenic area your valid ID Card or the SMS QR code!

After the reservation is made, many citizens may have some questions like the following: how do the elderly enter the park without a health code? Are there places to park? Are there any restaurants where we can dine inside the scenic area?

VisitHangzhou is here to answer your questions!

01 Do I need to wear a mask when entering the park? What if there is no health code?

Yes! The epidemic is not over, and everyone entering the park needs to wear a mask. There are three things to keep in mind when entering the scenic area:

Please make a reservation in advance;

Wear a mask and show your green Hangzhou Health Code;

Have your body temperature taken and tour around the scenic area in an orderly manner.

What about those coming from outside Hangzhou, and the elderly and children? They don’t have Hangzhou Health Code. How can they enter Xixi Wetland?

The health codes of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui are universal. At the same time, the park has set up instructions for applying for the Hangzhou QR code at each entrance. You can apply for the Hangzhou Health Code on the spot by scanning with Alipay. The elderly and children need to register their information on the spot.

02 Will the scenic area be crowded with people? How to avoid the peak periods?

According to recent observations, 10:00 and 13:00 are the periods with the most people; especially on weekends, the number of visitors reaches its peak. We recommend that citizens and tourists choose off-peak periods to tour, especially for older citizens who are recommended to make a reservation to tour on weekdays.

Park admission time:

8:00 to 17:00 before March 31

7:30 to 18:00 from April 1 to May 1

Park closing time:

17:30 before March 31

18:30 from April 1 to May 1

03 Is there a parking lot? Is it convenient to take buses to the scenic area?

There are parking lots both at the entrance and exit of the Zhoujia Village (???) and the entrance and exit of the North Gate. The parking fare for cars is 5 CNY per hour and is capped at 30 CNY per day. The Xiyue City (???) parking lot at the entrance to Westbrook (????) charges 6 CNY per hour; If these parking lots are full, you can also choose to park in surrounding areas such as Xixi InCity near Zhoujia Village and Xihu District Cultural Center near the North Gate.

From now until April 3, by showing Xixi Wetlands Reservation SMS, you can enjoy free parking in Xixi InCity the same day of your reservation from Monday to Friday! (You can redeem your parking voucher by showing your reservation SMS in the customer service counter in Building A.) You can enjoy free parking directly in Xixi InCity on weekends.

Parking spaces are relatively tight on weekends, it’s advised for citizens not to drive as much as possible, and public transportation at the park entrance is relatively convenient.

Entrances of Zhoujia Village / Westbrook: Take buses No. 193, 356, 506, B4 and other buses and get off at the bus station of Zhoujia Village of Xixi Wetland (xi xi shi di zhou jia cun: ???????) / Hangzhou West Bus Station (????: qi che xi zhan).

North Gate Entrance:Take bus No. 83 or 86 to the bus stop of the North Gate of Xixi Wetland (xi xi shi di bei men: ??????) and get off.

04 The scenic area is so big, what should I do if I am hungry?

Misty Water and Fishing Villa (yan shui yu zhuang: ????) Restaurant has now officially opened to the public. There are also many well-known restaurants and online-famous snack bars in Hezhu Street (???) and Slow Life District Block.

Without admission fee, I guess you can play more happily. Come on ~ Let VisitHangzhou recommend to you the latest routes ...

What to See in Xixi?

The Flower Festival is coming, and there are already many flowers blooming on Lvdi Causeway.

However, it should be noted that the East Gate is currently “exit only”. To enjoy the flowers, you need to walk to the western entrance of Lvdi Causeway by way of Fudi Causeway.

Because the park is large, it is recommended to take a battery boat to various attractions to fully appreciate the ecological and cultural beauty of the wetland.

Riding a sculling boat is also a good choice, where you can enjoy the water scenery of the wetland and enjoy more private time.

What to play in Xixi?

Newly-opened water kayaking!

On the water areas on the east side of Starbucks, Fudi Causeway, kayaking will be newly opened on March 20th. The price is 60 CNY per person for one person, 80 CNY per person for two persons, and a family package of 100 CNY per time (limited to two adults and one kid). The family package requires children to be 1-1.4 meters tall. Every kayaking experience is 20 minutes long. For details, please call +86 571 88106688

Sightseeing Helium Balloon

Riding a helium balloon at a height of 100 meters overlooking Xixi is also a required touring item in Xixi. The current controlled capacity is within 50% with a limitation of 14 passengers at most every time.

Fisherman‘s trip

Picking vegetables, fishing, riding a sculling boat … fisherman's trip has planned a nice spring outing.

Inquiring About Tea on Water

In a small boat, a panoramic view of Xixi's "a zigzag stream enveloped in the mist" is there for all to view.

Before April 30, spring products in Xixi Wetland are being promoted

Fisherman's trip and Inquiring about Tea on Water

Limited to 4 persons per vessel during the epidemic period

Consultation Telephone: +86 571 88106688, 88106696

Consultation time: 8: 30-17: 00

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