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Good Choices for April Tours nearby Hangzhou Zhejiang

Post Date: 2020/04/13 15:19
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Hangzhou Zhexi Dalong Bay.jpg

There is no shortage of flowers in the spring of Jiangnan Region. After seeing cherry blossoms, rape flowers and peach blossoms, many people have recently been amazed by a sea of shibazakura!

The dreamlike pink flowers, covering the ground tightly, turn the ground into "a color palette overturned by God". This sea of flowers is the thousand-mu (1 mu is equal to 666 sq m) shibazakura in Zhexi Dalong Bay in Lin'an District.

Every April, the flowers are in blossom, resembling a pink ocean. The romantic atmosphere here is no less than that of Provence in France.

Lin'an, a small town in the south of the Yangtze River, in addition to the sea of shibazakuras, also contains countless fairyland-like attractions waiting for you to explore; for example, the Qingshan Lake which won the hearts of Yao Ming and his wife; the Zhi'nan Village which is praised as "the most beautiful ancient village in East China"; the Daming Mountain with the reputation of "Little Mt. Huang" ...

While the weather is great, why not have a relaxing tour. Here are five rural fun tourist routes for you recommended by Hangzhou Private Tour. Let's take a look at these fun attractions!

Itinerary One: tour Taihuyuan (太湖源), a national 4A-level scenic spot — appreciate rice terraces in Zhi’nan Village (指南村) — hike the ancient trail — taste “Eighteen Bowls” of Zhi’nan Village — stay at a Hongye Zhi’nan Village Scenic Area B&B

Zhi’nan Village - Known as "the Most Beautiful Ancient Village in East China"

Hangzhou Zhi’nan Village.jpg

Starting from downtown Lin'an, drive along the "the most beautiful highway in Zhejiang Province" S205, bypass a winding mountain road, and then you'll arrive at the Zhi’nan Village. The average altitude of the village is about 600 meters, and the highest altitude is more than 1100 meters. There are more than 470 mus of rice terraces cultivated in the last century along mountains. Layers of rice terraces, surrounding by mountains and the village, create a broad-view landscape painting.

“Eighteen Bowls of Zhi’nan Village.jpg

When visiting Zhi’nan Village, you can visit the thousand-year-old mansion, hike a mountain trail, and view rapeseed flowers grown on terraces, but the most worthwhile thing is to try the local specialty food – “Eighteen Bowls of Zhi’nan Village". The authentic taste of the countryside includes 18 dishes like steamed chicken in reed leaves, dried fish with purple perilla, and Gouniang tofu, which will definitely leave you yearn for more.

Address: Zhi’nan Village, Taihuyuan Town, Lin'an District 临安区太湖源镇指南村

Taihuyuan - Little Jiuzhaigou of Jiangnan

Taihuyuan is like a forest kingdom in a fairy tale. The forest coverage rate here is 98%, and the ecology and originality are similar to Jiuzhaigou, hence, the reputation "Little Jiuzhaigou of Jiangnan".


Address: Baisha Village, Taihuyuan Town, Lin'an District 临安区太湖源镇白沙村

Itinerary Two: tour Tianmu Mountain, a national 4A-level scenic area – taste the Moon Family Banquet – appreciate roses in Rose Garden – pick strawberries in Strawberry Garden – stay at a Moon Series B&B

Tianmu MountainOff-the-Beaten-Track Fairyland with Tons of Negative Oxygen Ions

Tianmu Mountain.gif

Speaking of Lin'an, the first thing coming to people’s mind is its good mountains, good water and good air, of which the most typical one is Tianmu Mountain. Tianmu Mountain has a long history and is a famous religious and cultural mountain integrating three traditional cultures of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. Since Jin Dynasty, it has attracted batches of famous monks and famous men to practice here.

Tianmu Mountain_01.gif

Tianmu Mountain is also known as the "Floral Gene Treasury". The warm climate here has nourished the dense vegetation, a rare ancient Chinese cedar community, and the "living fossil" – the wild ginkgo forest that has survived 12,000 years. The fresher than fresh air in the forest entering every part of the body makes the original restless heart instantly calm.

Address: Tianmushan Town, Lin'an District 临安区天目山镇

Moon Bridge Village - Poetic Pastoral Life

On the way to the Tianmu Mountain Scenic Area, there is a scenic road that stretches for 15 kilometers — the Zaotian Road (藻天线), where Moon Bridge Village is located. This Moon Bridge like a crescent moon was once regarded as a land of Buddhism connection by pilgrims.

Hangzhou Moon Bridge Village.png

This quiet village has gradually become a “service station” for travelers who visit Tianmu Mountain and express their affection for the mountains and rivers. In the arms of the mountains, there are many villas and small buildings scattered around, and every one of them is a beautiful view. It is the most suitable to come here to live a poetic pastoral life after climbing the Tianmu Mountain.

Address: Moon Bridge Village, Tianmushan Town, Lin'an District 临安区天目山镇月亮桥村

Route Three: Visit Daming Mountain (大明山), a 4A-level scenic area — taste Tianmu Hot Pot — feel Loyalty and Filial Piety Culture in Yangxi Village (杨溪村) — stay at a Damingshan Village Scenic Area B&B

Daming Mountain - Walking in a Painting

Daming Mountain is high and has deep canyons and dense forests. It is definitely a great place for a spring tour. The 1,200-meter-long boardwalk “floats” in the clouds and sticks on the cliff of the mountain, under which is the abyss. It leads from Jiayuntai (Cloud Riding Platform)’s steep mountain directly to the thousand-mu meadows, with magnificent mountain scenery available along the way. Walking on the boardwalk is like traveling in the clouds.

Daming Mountain_01.gif

Address: Baiguo Village, Qingliangfeng Town, Lin'an District 临安区清凉峰镇白果村

Damingshan Village - Lost World in the Book

In addition to its enchanting scenery, Daming Mountain has a long history. In the scenic area, Lingxia Natural Village of Baiguo Village (白果村岭下自然村), known as the "University Village", is said to be the place where Taizu Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang, once stored up thousands of acres of land, recruited soldiers and bought horses, which he then used to conquer China and established the Ming Dynasty. Now Baiguo Village has become an attraction of Damingshan Village Scenic Area. Let’s tour Daming Mountain, eat a hot pot, and experience the Lost World in the Book.

Damingshan Village.png

Address: Baiguo Village, Qingliangfeng Town, Lin'an District 临安区清凉峰镇白果村

Route Four: antique in Longmen Fairland (龙门秘境) — go rock climbing in Shizi Mountain (狮子山) — try alpine vegetable picking in Mugong Mountain Vegetable Base (木公山蔬菜基地) — appreciate mountain terrace flowers — view Golden Line Pine Forest Health Park (金钱松林康养公园) — stay at a Longmen B&B

Longmen Fairyland - A Small Mountain Village that Stands Aloof from Worldly Affairs

The Longmen Fairyland truly deserves its title of "Fairyland". It is located in the mountains, and stands among the clouds and between heaven and earth. It used to be a “service station” for merchants traveling along the Hangzhou-Anhui Ancient Trail and Hangzhou-Suzhou Ancient Trail. Nowadays, the existing old shops, old houses and blue flagstone roads seem to have reproduced the old days of the village’s prosperity.

Longmen Fairyland.jpg

Coming here, you really shouldn’t miss the Linjiatang (林家塘) Alpine Terraces. Layers of terraces are stacked on one another, and thousands of mus of flowers bloom in spring. Cooking smoke is curling up in the air from village houses deep in the dense forest, forming a perfect fit with distant mountains, white clouds, and village houses.

The Shizi Mountain in Longmen is also a favorite of many travel enthusiasts. Looking from afar, the cliff is like a lion surrounded by a sea of lush green bamboo. The unique natural rock wall here attracts domestic and foreign rock climbing enthusiasts all year round, and is the best place for outdoor travel in spring.

Address: Longmen Fairyland, Gaohong Town, Lin'an District 临安区高虹镇龙门秘境

Route Five: Binxi Greenway in Shangtian Village (上田村滨溪绿道) — visit the "Sanzhi" Academy and Cultural Hall (“三治”学院及文化礼堂) —  dine in Shangtian Living Room (上田客厅) — pick tea leaves in the tea garden — stay at Shangtian Wenwu Agritainment, B&B

Shangtian Village - The Most Beautiful Village in the Western Suburbs of Hangzhou

Speaking of Shangtian Village, the first impression is martial arts and calligraphy. The several-hundred-year tradition of villagers practicing martial arts is unique compared to many mountain villages in Zhejiang. People here can wield both ink brushes and Chinese weapons. The village has set up a calligraphy association. From white-headed old men to the children of a few years old, they are all good at calligraphy.

Shizi Mountain.gif

If culture is the thing that Shangtian people are most proud of, then the scenery of tea and bamboo is the icing on the cake. Shangtian Village is known as the most beautiful village in the western suburbs of Hangzhou, with beautiful green hills and crystal-clear water. It has all the characteristics of the “Shangri-la” in one's dream.

Tea is a characteristic industry of Shangtian Village. Almost every household grows tea. The "Tianmu Longjing" tea is famous, and it sells well every year. In recent years, some of the internet-famous sweet potatoes of Lin'an are also from Shangtian Village, so you must try them when you come.

Address: Shangtian Village, Banqiao Town, Lin'an District 临安区板桥镇上田村

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