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Hangzhou’s Dazzling Culture – Traditional Chinese Medicine

Post Date: 2020/08/30 22:47
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Hangzhou used to be the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty. Since ancient times, it has been a prosperous city of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) culture. During the period of the Republic of China Era, there were more than 100 time-honored brands in Hangzhou, most of which were concentrated in the area of Hefang Street and Southern Song Dynasty Imperial Street, which can be described as rich in TCM resources. At present, there are more than 400 private TCM clinics in Hangzhou, which are dominated by time-honored brands, the highest density in the country.

Where to Visit

Guangxingtang TCM Museum ???
Guangxingtang Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum was founded by Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in 2005. It is located in Liang’s Villa, an ancient Qing Dynasty building with a history of more than 200 years in the city center.

The biggest feature of the Guangxingtang Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum is that it displays the magical charm of traditional Chinese medicine in an all-round way, so that visitors can truly appreciate the profoundness of Chinese medicine culture. Various graphic materials and collections are displayed in every corner of the museum, vividly showing Hangzhou's long history of Chinese medicine development, and a detailed introduction to the basic theories and common sense of Chinese medicine. Guests and patients can get diagnosis and treatment by well-known Chinese doctors at all levels, as well as taste the health-care medicated diet and health-care medicated tea designed and made by professionals according to their personal physique.

At the same time, the Guangxingtang Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum provides various traditional Chinese medicine treatment services, such as acupuncture, tuina, and foot massage. In addition, the Guangxingtang Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum also conveys healthy life concepts and ways to the general public through various lectures and health consultation activities on Chinese traditional culture, health care and other aspects of knowledge.

Hu Qing Yu Tang ????
Hu Qing Yu Tang in Hangzhou is one of the two best-known traditional pharmacies in China. Founded in 1874 the pharmacy’s design, falling from the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912), from above actually resembles a crane which aptly in Chinese culture, is a symbol of longevity.

Hu Qing Yu Tang not only serves as a pharmacy but it is also a fully functioning clinic with a restaurant and museum. So if you want to learn all about China’s ancient medicine, while at the same time witnessing the process in which it is made and delivered then a visit to Hu Qing Yu Tang’s tasteful establishment will keep you going for years.

Wan Cheng Zhi Tang ????
Wan Sixuan (???), the founder of Wan Cheng Zhi Tang, was a tycoon in old Hangzhou City. He founded the famous pharmacy “Wan Cheng Zhi Tang” in Hangzhou in 1875 in the early years of Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty. At the time of the establishment of the pharmacy, Wan Sixuan established the ancestral motto of “Being true to medicine and not deceiving customers; practicing rightfully and not deceiving the world", requiring the medicinal materials sold in the pharmacy to be authentic and pure, and vowing not to profit from counterfeits.

With the pious heart of benefiting the common people and the great ambition of “accumulating the medicine from all over the world to cure the diseases of the world”, the managers of successive generations have made Wan Cheng Zhi Tang one of the “top three stores of Hangzhou Pharmaceutical Industry” and along with the “six TCM pharmacies” of Hangzhou formed the Southern Pharmaceutical Market, which is as famous as that of Beijing.

Fang Hui Chun Tang ????
Fang Hui Chun Tang, with a 300 year old history, is one of China’s oldest TCM pharmacies. The pharmacy originally a small clinic was founded and developed by an accomplished pediatrician.

Today Fang Hui Chun Tang consists of three sections: Hall of TCM Doctors, where more than 80 specialised doctors offer their expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hall of TCM, where this ancient medicine in the form of herbs and pills is sold and Hall of Ginseng offers a number of traditional and original tonics that, in order to guarantee their quality, have been personally hand-picked by the pharmacy workers.

In addition, every day a cup of herbal tea and brochures, on how to keep healthy, are offered for free and every winter, “Herbal Paste Festival” and ‘Ginseng Festival’ take place - two annual events where veteran TCM doctors are on hand to assess individuals’ body conditions and all kinds of ginseng are available to buy, therefore providing the perfect prescription.

Fang Hui Chun Tang works on the motto “It is alright to make a profit, but despicable to sell poor-quality products”. So rest assured a visit to this pharmacy will guarantee you the best, in medicine, that money can buy.

SOURCE: gotohz

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