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"Legend of the Song Dynasty" Begins its Performance

Post Date: 2020/04/13 14:04
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Spring arrives: Flowers are blooming; everything comes back to life; and all the goodness of nature comes on schedule. From April 3, "Legend of the Song Dynasty" starts its performance. After the epidemic, let's restart 2020 and go on a trip at any time we want! To watch the must-see performance in a lifetime, to enjoy new shows, to play exciting games, and to relax body and mind …

Song Dynasty Town’s brand new shows are here to blow your mind. Song Dynasty Town is here to stage your life. This spring, splendid shows take turns to show their charms in Hangzhou Song Dynasty Town including "Legend of the Song Dynasty", "Hua Xiangrong", "Katusha", "Modern Times", "Phantoms", "Earthquake", "Azalea" and other wonderful shows. There is always one for you. Come to Song Dynasty Town and stage your life!

Ace performance "Legend of the Song Dynasty" - A must-see performance in a lifetime

The ace performance "Legend of the Song Dynasty" is a must-see performance in a lifetime. “At sunrise, riverside flowers are redder than fire; in spring, emerald-green river waves grow as blue as sapphire.” Let us travel back in time to a thousand years ago with the time machine and find the soul of Hangzhou culture in the “Legend of the Song Dynasty”.


【New Play] "Hua Xiangrong" - I love you and it has nothing to do with you

The Chinese fashion drama "Hua Xiangrong" interprets the romance and sorrow of one person, one city, and one life in an artistic Chinese style. “I love you and it has nothing to do with you.” The nostalgic drama "Katusha" takes you back to the era of the Second World War when Katusha follows her lover to the farewell path. The holographic show "Phantom" breaks the boundaries of time and space, and gives audience a magical journey that is also true and false.

Legend _of_the_Song_Dynasty_hangzhou.jpg

【New Play】 City Show "Modern Times" - Full of light and color

The city show "Modern Times" is full of flowing light and color and beauties are dancing elegantly.

Legend _of_the_Song_Dynasty_hangzhou_01.jpg

【New Play】Holographic Show "Phantom" - True and false, dreamlike

The holographic show "Phantom" breaks the boundaries of time and space, and gives audience a magical journey that is also true and false.

Legend _of_the_Song_Dynasty_hangzhou_02.jpg

【Classic Play】 5D reality show "Earthquake" - Landslides, love forever

Legend _of_the_Song_Dynasty_hangzhou_03.jpg

【Classic Play】War Show "Azalea" - Back to the age of war

Legend _of_the_Song_Dynasty_hangzhou_04.jpg

【Classic Play】Folklore "Throwing Embroidered Ball" 
 Wanting to be the son-in-law of the Song Dynasty Town? Come Here!

Legend _of_the_Song_Dynasty_hangzhou_05.jpg

【Classic Play】"Flash Mob" - An unexpected party

Legend _of_the_Song_Dynasty_hangzhou_06.jpg

【Park Opening Pre-sale】"Legend of the Song Dynasty" (including Hangzhou Song Dynasty Town)

VIP Tickets from now until April 2, 2020

 Buy one get one free for a limited time

Two people to get one free

Retail price: 640 CNY Pre-sale: 320 CNY

Tickets can be used from April 3 to June 30, 2020

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