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Tranquil Corners in Hangzhou City

As the leaves begin to fall, Hangzhou city starts to increasingly get busy. To escape the hustle and bustle during this time, then why not find a tranquil spot hiding in many corners of this remarkable city.

Yuhu Bay
In the east of Yang Gong Causeway, there is another lake, which is both splendid and peaceful, but far less crowded than the world-renowned West Lake. Surrounded by mountains, the water line of Yuhu Bay stretches as far as one’s vision can reach, and with mandarin ducks stirring ripples on the surface along the winding lake shoreline, a magnificent picture forms especially when seen under the setting autumn sun.

Pavilions and bridges spanning the lake complement the surrounding environment perfectly and, in doing so, provide an air of quietness and dignity. Walking through the pavilions, you will be mesmerized by the hundreds of years of history.

Address: 29 Chishanbu, Santaishan Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou
Bus stop: Yuhu Bay Stop

Mantoushan Community
Mantoushan Community, a place that keeps old memories, is also where the relics of the Southern Song Dynasty’s imperial palace are kept.

Strolling through this community, visitors are welcomed by Hangzhou’s typical residential buildings with black tiles and bricks, sometimes you may even witness tree branches leaning out of the walls. The pictures painted on the walls on both sides of the roads, as well as the laughter spreading from the crowds of the elderly playing chess or sipping tea, will evoke memories of 30 years ago.

Address: 75 Mantoushan Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou
Bus stop: Fengshanxincun Stop

Zhejiang University Zhijiang Campus
As the most mysterious university campus in Hangzhou, Zhejiang University Zhijiang Campus, nestled near Liuhe Pagoda is covered with dense woodland and therefore enjoys a most verdant scenery. Several of the western-style buildings, with their own history from the period of the Republic of China, have witnessed the perfect combination of western culture and eastern culture, which is characterized by the most beautiful one-hundred-year-old bell tower, with its bright red-brick colour external walls.

Another well-known place in the campus is “Lover’s Bridge”, built by the third president of the university, and titled as such for its popularity as a place for dating.


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