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Where to go West Lake Scenic Area in Spring

Post Date: 2018/03/17 23:10
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Spring is in the air and around the West Lake Scenic Area you can see it, smell it and even taste it…

West Yanggong Causeway Scenic Area 
Places: Yuhu Bay and Tortoise Pond
Time: from March to late April

West Yanggong Causeway Scenic Area has two attractions, Yuhu Bay and Tortoise Pond, boasting all the fun of spring. Acres of plum blossom, cherry blossom, pear blossom, peach blossom and Chinese flowering crabapple, which bloom almost at the same time, from March to April, can be seen to represent a panorama of extreme beauty.

Near the snow boat of Santai Mengji is a large Chinese flowering crabapple forest, which is reputed as the Hangzhou International Sister City Friendship Forest because the trees here are planted by more than 80 mayors of Hangzhou's international sister cities.

In late April, as most flowers have withered, the Oriental Cherry in the Tortoise Scenic Area quietly blooms and matches the green of the water of the Yuhu Bay rather well.

2018 Two Lakes (West Lake and Qiandao Lake) Flowers Exhibition 
Place: Prince Bay Park
Time: from mid-March to mid-April

Every March, Prince Bay Park turns into a sea of flowers. This year, Prince Bay Park has newly introduced eight types of tulips, of which several of them are now in full bloom.

Besides the tulips, the park is also an excellent place in which to view the cherry blossom where more than seven hundred trees of this kind are dotted around. Even though prunus serrulate is about to bloom, it is in fact in late March that most of the colorful tulips and pale pink cherry blossoms flourish and in doing so create a magnificent spectrum of color.

Unlike the previous displays, this year is a breakthrough for Prince Bay Park to come out of the West Lake and collaborate with Qiandao Lake where people can also appreciate a variety of tulips which bloom earlier than those in downtown Hangzhou.

Seek Spring of Tea in Bus No. 27 
Place: China National Tea Museum
Time: from March 25th to May 25th

The activity, themed on “Seek Spring of Tea in Bus No. 27”, is a tea cultural tourist line in Hangzhou, the capital renowned for its green variety. It is made by China National Tea Museum and Hangzhou Public Transport Group. Every No. 27 Bus is equipped with a guide to explain the knowledge of tea culture and after arriving at the final station, the China National Museum Longjing Area, people can take part in all kinds of experiencing activities, for example, picking up tea, watching the process of frying tea and of course tasting it.

Hangzhou Tea Culture Expo and West Lake Longjing Tea Festival 
Place: Meijiawu Village
Time: on the morning of March 28th

The open ceremony of the festival will be held on the morning of March 28th in Meijiawu Village, where you can also appreciate the 2018 Hangzhou West Lake Longjing Tea Frying Competition and experience all kinds of activities.

Brilliant Spring Flower –2018 Hangzhou Botanical Garden Spring Flower Exhibition 
Place: Hangzhou Botanical Garden
Time: from April 1st to May 30th

Magnolia in the Hangzhou Botanical Garden is currently at its best time to view, most of which are scattered in the Magnolia Mountain Tea Garden, Yuquan Road and the road from the north gate to Yuquan Main Road. From April 1st to May 30th, Hangzhou Botanical Garden will hold the 2018 Hangzhou Botanical Garden Spring Flower Activities, showing a colorful spring flower landscape, which contains all kinds of international rare species as well as those superior species of Hangzhou.

In addition, in April and May, many specific gardens, including the Rose Garden (Aquatic Plant Area), Maple Cuckoo Garden and Bonsai Park, will take on a scene of prosperity. You can schedule your time now to view and take your phones or cameras to record the beautiful setting.

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