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Where to eat in Hangzhou:Top 10 Food Streets in Hangzhou

When visiting the touristic city of Hangzhou it’s not only the wondrous West Lake, Grand Canal, ancient temples or historic blocks that catch each and every visitor’s attention but also the number of thriving food streets. So for a bite-size look at Hangzhou’s top ten food streets then the following are definitely worth savoring after.

Zhongshan Road S. Food Street 中山南路美食街
The food street at Zhongshan Road S. is 1400 meters long and is also known as the Southern Song Imperial Street Chinese food night market. Delicious foods from all over the country can be sampled here in either the upscale restaurants, grand hotels or at the ever so reasonably priced street stalls. Here you can hunt for night snacks and enjoy a food festival almost every day and night.

Shengli River Food Street 胜利河美食街
Some say Shengli River Food Street is Hangzhou’s holy land for foodies. When night falls, red lanterns lined along the canal light the way to unique surroundings, a number of restaurants and endless artistic finds. Every day from 17:00 to 02:00 night snacks are available and after having dined and wined you may also wish to visit the café renovated from a granary built in the Qing Dynasty.

Jinjiang Seafood Street 近江海鲜美食街
For seafood lovers, Jinjiang Seafood Street is the place to be seen and also the place to feast on a selection of seafood. Set alfresco the majority of restaurants operate until 04:00 am.

Wushan Hill Night Market 吴山夜市
Wushan Hill Night Market is undoubtedly one of the most bustling and liveliest places in the city. From antiques to silk and of course food the night fair at old Wushan Road stretches to Renhe Road and Huixing Road and in doing so attracts a number of happy shoppers and food lovers.

Hefang Street 河坊街
Close to the Wushan Hill night market, Hefang Street is, by far, the most prosperous street at night. Lit up and bustling with people the street sells many snacks as well as a host of handicrafts and all at reasonable prices. So, for an enlightening shopping experience Hefang Street might just be what you are looking for.

Baijingfang Food Street 百井坊巷美食街
Located in downtown, the street has a large collection of snacks at one end and a good supply of characteristic fashion shops at the other. So why not shop until you drop and then pick yourself back up with a selection of appetizing snacks.

Jingzhou Road Food Street 竞州路美食街
Jingzhou Road brings lots of joy, especially to those who live in the west of the city. It not only attracts overseas students but with a large selection of restaurants offering a range of different flavors the street is the home for anyone who wishes to tantalize their exotic taste buds.

Hedong Road Food Street 河东路美食街
Hedong Road begins with Xin Feng Snacks(新丰小吃) and few Taiwan milk tea, Intentionally or unintentionally laid the food court in the nature of the most affordable. It has mostly snack stores, noodle and seafood restaurants. If you have spare time, try Liangdamama restaurant(梁大妈妈菜馆) and Laochangsheng noodle restaurant(老昌盛面馆).

Dadou Road Food Street 大兜路美食街
The newly renovated Dadou Historic Block faces the Grand Canal to the west and many shops to the east. The whole road is quite broad and with Pseudo-classic buildings with unified styles every store has a sort of distinctive temperament. Each store has a larger business area than those in downtown areas and the setting and atmosphere is better than at other food streets. Overflowing with food and scenery Dadou Food Street soaks up the food scene rather well.  

Gaoyin Street 高银街
With Sichuan, Shandong, Fujian, Guangdong and Zhejiang cuisines, vegetarian dishes, seafood, snacks Gaoyin Street does, indeed, offer a large variety of delicacies. Approximately 30 specific restaurants are seated in the street including time-honored brands Zhi Wei Guan(知味观), Wang Run Xing (王润兴), Gong De Lin (功德林) and the newly thriving Tian Xing Lou(天兴楼), Da Song Fang (大宋坊) and Hao Shao Xing (好绍兴) restaurants.

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