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Hangzhou to Huangshan Tour: Seamless Tranquility Amidst Majestic Landscapes

Embark on a captivating exploration from the charming city of Hangzhou to the awe-inspiring wonders of Huangshan. Our Hangzhou to Huangshan tour not only promises an immersive encounter with the mystical beauty of the Yellow Mountain but also ensures a convenient and reliable travel experience.

If you only have a limited travel time for Huangshan, one day Huangshan tour from Hangzhou by train is available. We highly recommend 2-3 days for you to stay in Huangshan city to get an in depth Huangshan sightseeing. Benefit from our enhanced services, including dependable and convenient train station transfers, making your journey from Hangzhou to Huangshan a breeze. With the efficiency of high-speed trains, the trip becomes not only a cultural and natural adventure but also a remarkably convenient one.

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Huangshan as you explore historic villages, encounter ancient pine trees, and capture the essence of this UNESCO World Heritage site. Our carefully designed itinerary ensures an immersive experience, blending the tranquility of Huangshan's landscapes with the comfort of well-planned logistics.

Join us on this extraordinary journey, where Huangshan's natural splendors unfold before you, creating memories that linger long after your adventure concludes.

Most Popular Huangshan Tours From Hangzhou

All-Inclusive Huangshan Mountain Exploration Tour From Hangzhou With Round-Trip Train Tickets

Duration:1 Day


Tour Style:Are you looking for the best Huangshan Tour from Hangzhou? Huangshan is definitely the best destination as it's described "The Best Mountains in China" and rich in Hui culture. The best way to get to Huangshan to Hangzhou is by bullet train. Take the best of 1 day tour to Huangshan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, soak in the stunning mountain views and explore the higlights of Huangshan with your knowledgeable guide. Highlights including Beginning-to-believe Peak, Brush Pen Peak, Bright Summit and more.

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From $189 p/p

2-Day Yellow Mountain Sightseeing Tour with Hongcun Village From Hangzhou

Duration:2 Days, 1 Night

Attractions(Cities):Mt. Huangshan, Tunxi Old Street,Hongcun Village

Tour Style:Take a private trip from Hangzhou to discover the brillant Chinese culture and explore the major highlights of the fascinating Mount Huangshan on this 2-Day Yellow Mountain Hiking Tour with Tunxi Old Street and Hongcun Village. This is a worry-free tour that helps you remove the hassles of arranging transportation and tour itinerary. During the tour, visit te Bright Summit, Flying-over Peak, Lion Peak as well as Tunxi Ancient Street, the best preserved old street in China, Hongcun Village-a picturesque countryside. Tours includes admission fees, experience local guide, and transportation.

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From $270 p/p

2-Day Huangshan Sightseeing Group Tour From Hangzhou - No Shopping

Duration:2 Days, 1 Night


Tour Style:2-Day Huangshan Sightseeing Group Tour From Hangzhou is a classic tour package that we have proposed for visitors who have a small travel budget. This Huangshan group tour package is suitable for all travelers no matter you travel with kids, seniors or families. This is a small group tour and runs daily. You'll get a cheaper price for this tour by sharing English speaking tour guide, coach and be amazed by the picturesque of Yellow Mountain.

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From $180 p/p

3 Days Huangshan Hiking Tour with Hui Culture From Hangzhou by High-speed Train

Duration:3 Days, 2 Nights

Attractions(Cities):Tunxi, Mt.Huangshan, Shexian County

Tour Style:Bullet train makes Hangzhou to Huangshan or Huangshan to Hangzhou easy to reach. Book 3 Days Huangshan Hiking Tour with Huizhou Culture, you'll experiece the bullet train from Hangzhou to Huangshan and explore two World Heritage Sites in Huangshan - Yellow Mountain & Shexian County. This tour includes transportation, Hangzhou Huangshan train tickets, experienced guide who climbs Huangshan more than 200 times a year, will provide you the most suitable hiking routes and useful tips for how to avoid the crowds and the best places for shooting.

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From $279 p/p

Most Asked Questions about Hangzhou to Huangshan Tours

1. What is the Distance between Hangzhou and Huangshan?

The distance between Hangzhou to Huangshan is around 212km. If you try to travelling from Hangzhou to Huangshan, the most comfortable and convenient way is by bullet train, only takes around 1.5 hours. 

2. How to get to Huangshan from Hangzhou?

By High-Speed Train (A comfortable way):
Taking Bullet Train for traveling is getting more and more popular in China since it’s very comfortable and convenient, it also can save lots of time. It takes only around 1.5 hours for one way, and there are lots of bullet trains go from Hangzhou to Huangshan, you’ll have many options to purchase the train ticket that fits your time. And the train ticket fee is 120RMB only. Highly recommend this!

By Bus-(The Cheapest Way):
If you want to save money or experience different modes of transportation, buses are also a good choice, even it will take you more time. You can take the Bus at Hangzhou West Bus Terminal. The bus here leaves for both Huangshan downtown and Mt. Huangshan Scenic Area. There are about 5 buses (coaches) leaving for Huang downtown from Hangzhou West Bus Termial, which depart from 6:50 a.m. to 6:20 p.m. every day. The price is about 89 yuan. If you want to get to the Mt. Huangshan Scenic Area from Huangshan downtown, you still need to catch a bus in Huangshan Tunxi Bus Terminal. The journey to the scenic area will take about an hour.

By Car-(The most comvenient way):
If you do not care of the budget and prefer a more comfortable trip from Hangzhou to Huangshan, you can rent a car with a tour guide from a travel agency.

3. Which train station I can choose in Hangzhou if I want to take train to Huangshan?

In fact, there are two railway stations in Hangzhou. One is Hangzhou railway station, which is located in the center of the city, very close to the West Lake. The other is Hangzhou east train station (Its the largest high-speed railway station in Hangzhou). If you want to travel to Huangshan, you can buy the train ticket in both train station, but you have to take train from Hangzhou East to Huangshan because all of bullet train that go to Huangshan are from Hangzhou East Station.

4. How many days should I plan a Huangshan tour from Hangzhou? I would like to visit Huangshan in Nov.

November is a good time to visit Huangshan from Hangzhou, you can enjoy the colorful Huangshan mountain with the comfortable temperature. If you plan travel to Huangshan during Nov., we high suggest you spend at least 2 days 1 night in Huangshan and surrounding places from Hangzhou. You can take morning high speed train from Hangzhou to Huangshan on the first day, take cable car up to the Yellow Mountain and stay overnight on the top of the mountain, you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise scenery if the weather permits. Spend a few hours to finish your sightseeing at the yellow mountain, then take cable car down and head to visit the Hongcun Ancient Village for 2-3 hours. Finally, drop off at Huangshan north train station for your train back to Hangzhou or your next tour destination.

5. What is the best way to get to Huangshan from Hangzhou?

As the development of China Railway system, high speed train is the best way to get to Huangshan from Hangzhou. There are over 25 daily high speed train between Hangzhou and Huangshan. The journey of high speed train takes around 1.5 hours and cost CNY118 for 2nd class seat ticket, CNY189.5 for 1st class seat ticket and CNY355 for business class seat ticket. Get to Huangshan from Hangzhou by high speed train is a cost saving, time efficent and comfortable way for tourists.

6. My wife and I are coming to visit Hangzhou and Huangshan. We would very much to do 3 nights tour of Huangshan and the nearby architectural interesting villages. We are flying into Hangzhou on 23rd Sep

If you land at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, we can arrnage the airport to train street private transfer, then take the high speed train to Huangshan. Glad to send you a simple tour arrangement for 3 nights of Huangshan tour as following:
D1 Huangshan Arrival: Fly into Hangzhou, take train to Huangshan, transfer to your Huangshan hotel for rest.
D2 Huangshan Mountain Tour: you will explore the most charming part of Yellow Mountain with your guide, enjoy the carble car and stay one night on the top of the mountain.
D3 Wacth the sunrise if the weather permits, continue your exploration on Yellow Mountain. Visit the Hongchun Ancient Village in the afternoon and stay overnight in Hongcun.
D4 Visit Xidi Ancient Village in the morning, take train back to Hangzhou in the afternon.

7. I am planning to travel onto Huangshan from Hangzhou during Chinese new year. Should I travel by train or private car as its very busy. And I would like to go up the cable car, visit the hot springs a

It is suggested to book the train ticket in advance and take train from Hangzhou to Huangshan since it is fast way between these two cities. It takes 1.5 hours by high speed train and 4-5 hours by private vehicle, it might be much longer since there are lots of traffic on the highway during that time. If you plan to visit the Yellow Mountain, experience the Hot Spring and Mt. Jiuhua, we highly recommend you spend at 5 days in Huangshan. Recommended itinerary as below for your reference:
D1 Hangzhou--Huangshan: Take train from Hangzhou to Huangshan, then transfer to Huangshan scenic area to enjoy the hot springs. Stay overnight at Huangshan Hotspring Resort.
D2 Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area Day trip with round way cable car. Stay overnight on the top of Yellow Mountain.
D3 Huangshan Scenic Area to Jiuhua Mountain, Jiuhua Mountain Tour. Stay overnight nearby Jiuhua Mountain
D4 Jiuhua Mountain to Huangshan Hongchun Ancient Village, Explore the ancient village and appreciate the Hui style buildings there, back to Hangzhou city. Stay overnight in Huangshan downtown.
D5 Tunxi old street, then transfer to Huangshan train station back to Hangzhou or next place.

8. Do you have a 2-day Huangshan tour that pick 2 of us from the Huangshan train station and stays at the south building of Xihai hotel? Please show me the details of what will be covered?

Yes, we do such Huangshan tour. The tour will be covered the Huangshan train station pick up & drop off service, profrssional english speaking tour guide service, comfortable vehicle transfer, entrance tickets for the sites, round way cable car, lunch are included in our pacakage. As for the hotel, we can help you to book Xihai hotel based on your requirements or you can book on your own since sometime the hotel rate will be cheaper online.

9. Hi, My husband and I are going to be coming to Huangshan from Hangzhou in August, but we don't speak any Chinese so think a tour might be easier. We are active people, and would like to walk a lot and

We offer various Huangshan hiking tours, there are several different hiking routes for the Huangshan mountain. The main three routes up the mountain are the western steps, the eastern steps and the west side canyon. The eastern steps are the quickest route up taking 3 hours compared with 7 hours on the western steps! You can choose 1 day Huangshan hiking tour, 2 days Huangshan hiking tour and 3 days Huangshan hiking tour. Follow our professional hiking tour guide to explore the most beautiful part of Huangshan.

10. May I ask is the hike up dangerous or are the roads constructed with sufficient safety measures, I'm planning to travel to Huangshan from Hangzhou in Winter?

Most part of Huangshan mountain are well constructed with suffcient safety measures, but there still some steepy road here, such as the West Grand Canyon. If you travel during the winter time, it will be more diffcult and dangerous to hike around the Huangshan mountain since the road will freeze and sometimes will covered by the heavy snow there. The weather is pretty cold at the top of the mountain during the winter time, you should pack well for a Huangshan winter tour. As for the hiking, you must wear non-slip shoes.

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